How to Make a Festive Tablescape {DIY}

Mark and I hosted Thanksgiving this year ….because we needed one more thing to add to our already full plate (new house, new baby, Reese turning 2;), but also because I really wanted to use our new double oven haha!  Honestly though, we were super excited to host most of Mark’s family and my family for Thanksgiving in our new home!

And thank goodness for my sister-in-law Beth, because I kinda had a very generic plan of what I was doing (or going to do), but once she started telling me about her Thanksgiving meal spreadsheet (yes, spreadsheet), I quickly put her in charge.  And because of her, we had everything prepared on time and the most delicious turkey and stuffing! In addition to the meal planning, Beth also helped me put together these super simple & festive tablescapes (that were also conveniently super cheap!).

If you’re hosting family, friends or both for the holidays, here’s a quick and easy DIY holiday tablescape.

I bought the garland from Trader Joes for a whopping $6.99.  You can also use branches from Christmas trees (head to your local tree lot and ask if you can have some of the ones they cut off of trees!).  We also used cuties and mini pumpkins to add some color, along with some candles that I had lying around the house.  I had Matt, my brother-in-law, hike up the hill in the backyard and cut the eucalyptus leaves to add to the greenery (thanks Matt!).  And for the place mats, I cut up old Trader Joes grocery bags and flipped them over (so sneaky!)!

I think they turned out great! Don’t you?!

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! There’s nothing better than spending this time of year with close family and friends 🙂

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