Fakesgiving: Your New Favorite Holiday

Friendsgiving… Fakesgiving… whatever you decide to call it, we are now approaching our 8th Annual Fakesgiving Celebration!  I know, right??

We’ve come a looong way since October 2010, the inaugural Fakesgiving celebration at my parents’ house with about 10 of us in attendance.

Now, we’ve hit around 75 adults + 15 kiddos, and host it in our own backyard!  It has definitely morphed into something bigger and better than we’ve ever dreamed, and we absolutely love this tradition every year (even though we now need to rent tables and chairs and cook three turkeys!).

It is worth every effort, and we love that it has turned into a tradition for so many of our friends and family, as well.

Interested in starting your own Fakesgiving/Friendsgiving tradition?  Check out the links below for a step-by-step how-to host your own (no matter the guest count!).

FakesGiving: A How-To Guide {Part 1}

FakesGiving {Part 2}: Food

FakesGiving {Part 3}: Decor + Details

FakesGiving {Part 4}: Highlights + Recap

Party Popcorn {DIY favors}

Here’s some inspo for your fall fête from Fakesgivings past!

Enjoy, and be thankful!


xx, Nicole {LL805}

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