5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Exercise into your Vacay {DIY Fitness}

I love to be active and explore¬†while on vacation, as I think most people do — unless you’re more the lounging, reading a book type, which is also fine (I guess;). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about laying poolside and enjoying a few Pina¬†Coladas (which the waiter so kindly brought over to me) …¬†BUT,… Continue reading

Five Friday Faves {This Week’s Edition}

This weekend, we will be celebrating our own Hayley’s 30th birthday (!!!) camping and boating at Lake Nacimiento! ¬†That’s right, we will be traveling up to our more northern 805 destinations, and making some fun stops in the area. ¬†Here are our favorite stops on the way to Lake Nacimiento, on today’s Five Friday Faves!… Continue reading

Top 10 Favorite Local Beach & Lake Campgrounds

There’s nothing like the¬†warm, summer nights¬†to make you crave a good camping trip, or two ūüôā Who doesn’t love¬†waking up in a tent, beach-side, to the crackling sound of fire pits and the delicious smell of bacon??¬†Plus, it’s my 30th birthday this weekend- and I mean, what better way to celebrate than by camping at… Continue reading

Five Friday Faves {Memorial Day Weekend Edition}

Helloooo, long weekend! (we’ve been waiting for you!) 1. I (Nicole) will be heading up to visit my¬†in-laws in Lake Tahoe, and will be hitting up some of my favorite stops along Hwy 395. ¬†Can’t wait to sink my teeth into some Dutch Crunch Pullaway bread from Schat’s Bakker√Ņ! Don’t miss this post if you… Continue reading

Five Friday Faves :: This Week’s Edition

You guys July is already almost over, which means summer is almost over… le sigh. ¬†So enjoy the summer sun and warm summer nights while you can — but then again, who are we kidding — it’s always beautiful in the 805! ::::: 1. Speaking of summer almost being over, have you finished¬†checking off all… Continue reading

Five Friday Faves :: This Week’s Edition

It’s that time again… and man was this a long week. ¬†So, so, so excited for the weekend! Here are some favorites we wanted to share with you! 1. The Village Trolley¬†{Friday &¬†Saturday, 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm, May 22nd – Sept.¬†5th}¬†We’re always down for some free, easily accessible transportation – especially during peak happy… Continue reading

Why We Love Carpinteria {And Why You Should Too}

Here at LocalLove805 we love cute beach towns, we love camping, and therefore we love Carpinteria. ¬†This adorable beach town is less than an hour away from where we all live and one of our go-to spots for the summer. Ocean, sand, surf, cute town, quaint shops, fun restaurants… I mean, what more could you… Continue reading