Get Inspired at Global Wellness Day {Four Seasons Westlake Village}

We have always admired Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village‘s commitment to health and wellness, and look forward to their Global Wellness Day events every. year.   This year, however, they have totally one-upped themselves. Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, in partnership with the hotel’s on-site wellness center California Health & Longevity Institute, invites guests to experience wellness… Continue reading

3 Must-Haves for a Killer Workout Class [& how StudioBPM has them all]

Let’s just make one thing clear: we are pretty picky when it comes to workout classes. Also, workout classes and memberships are NOT cheap. So, in our opinion, you have every reason to be a bit pickier than normal — especially when it comes with a service you are paying for and ultimately, investing in. Having spent almost two… Continue reading

Work it Wednesday : SPN Pilates {Calabasas}

Our generation seems to be leaning more and more toward a healthy and active lifestyle, and the 805 is right on track.  With the ever-growing abundance of locally-sourced and organic eateries, community races and activities, and privately-owned niche fitness studios, there are so many accessible opportunities for us to participate in this health conscience shift. And… Continue reading