Vintage Airplane Nursery Reveal

In the 7+ years that we’ve been married, my husband and I have been fortunate enough to do some traveling.  One year ago today, in fact, we were in Marrakesh, Morocco in the middle of a geographically-insane trip that also took us to Moscow, Prague, Madrid, Lisbon, and Barcelona… I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, we wanted a fun way to remember all of the places we’ve traveled together — so, we went a little “big” and bought this awesome map from National Geographic.  We mounted it on the wall in our office (with cork board behind it) and framed it with some molding, and we place a pin on every city we’ve traveled.

Fast forward a few years later… and it’s time to make that office into a nursery!  Our “office” was actually this random room off of our master bedroom, that has no doors, but had a window and a built-in cabinet [see “before” pics].  When we found out I was pregnant, we added French doors, changed the cabinets into a chest of drawers and pseudo “closet”/changing table, and thus began the transformation into the nursery!

There was no way we could have moved that map and preserved it (let’s face it, that thing is staying right where it is until we move out!), so why not make our nursery theme around travel?!  Hence, we went with a vintage airplane theme for our little baby boy.  And without further ado…


| b e f o r e |

img_1015 img_1016 img_1017

| a f t e r |


[glider/recliner: La-Z-Boy; crib: Evolur]


[banner made by LL805-er Hayley, which I stole from my adorable Vintage Airplane Baby Shower!]


[pins indicating the places we’ve traveled together as a couple]

[map: National Geographic]


[airplanes: Home Goods]brookeboroughphotography_babygraham-175

[propeller: Home Goods; art print: vintage]


[baskets: Cost Plus World Market]


[aviator helmet: Home Goods — forgot to take the tag off, woops!]

[baskets: Container Store]


[globe: AmberThomasMakes]


[changing pad cover: Carousel Designs; baskets: Home Goods and The Container Store]brookeboroughphotography_babygraham-166

[diaper-changing husband for the WIN]


[crib sheet: Restoration Hardware]

The nursery is pretty small, but I mean, so are babies, right?! 😉  We employed some space-saving tactics, such as mounting “book baskets” on the wall to preserve precious floor space.  Having big drawers and spaces for baskets, as well as creating a dresser/changing table/closet space, saved us a LOT of real estate, as well.

Hope you enjoyed our nursery!  We know Graham sure does 🙂

xx, Nicole {LL805}

[photo credit: Brooke Borough Photography]

21 Comments Vintage Airplane Nursery Reveal

  1. Sheely

    Hello from London!
    I love the decoration I want to do something similar for my toddler!
    How you did the frame? I found the poster online but the frames are very expensive!! And any suggestion for the planes where can I get them?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Sheely!

      We made the frame by purchasing chair rail/moulding from a home improvement store, painting it white, and cutting it to frame the map. We adhered it to the wall with finishing nails, and some silicone caulking/Liquid Nails.

      We got the planes from HomeGoods, which is a store that sells discounted home wares. I haven’t seen them since, but you could check on Etsy, or at other antique stores perhaps?

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Lily

    Nicole you are an inspiration! Just reading your bio makes me tired, lol. Absolutely love the color scheme and nursery theme!! Great job

  3. Christy

    I am in love with this nursery and those colors are the exact colors I’m looking for. What color green is that do you mind sharing?

    1. Nicole

      Hi Christy!

      I am trying to find the color in my garage, but it is definitely Benjamin Moore — I will circle back to you ASAP!

  4. Beckee

    We were just thinking the same thing! We love those colours and the subtle hints of aviation in the room. We’d love to know the paint colours too!

  5. Lauren Atherton

    Absolutely LOVE your nursery! It is my inspiration photo. Was wondering if you could share the gray paint color you used?

  6. Kelly

    Hi there!! In love with the nursery theme and colors. Can you please share your travel themed nursery paint colors for walls, cabinet and striped wall?


    1. Nicole

      Hi Kelly! So sweet, thank you! I am looking for the paint can for the blue color, but the overall gray is Nimbus by Benjamin Moore, and the stripes I believe are Baltic Gray, but I will get back to you on that. Thanks!


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