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Why We Love the 805 {10 things}

As I’ve gotten older and lived in other areas of Southern California,  I have come to realize how fortunate I was to grow up in the 805 area. I mean, it’s a pretty amazing place to live.

With it’s perfect location, it has everything you could need (and more).  I love the people who live here, and the feeling of community they bring. To put it simply, I feel safe and at home when I’m here.

So, as our first official post, we put together a little list of the top 10 reasons why we love the 805 (and why we were inspired to write this blog in the first place).

805 valley

1. The friendly community who deserves to know about all the resources and opportunities available to them in their neighborhood.

2. It’s safe — hence the fact we were ranked the 4th safest city [with a population over 100,000] by the FBI last year.

3. The amazing school districts (thank you teachers and staff!).

4. The abundance of amenities (i.e., things to do!) — malls, promenades, restaurants, wineries, bars, hospitals, schools, libraries, farmers markets… the list goes on. We really have it all — look out LA and “the Valley” 😉


5. Location, location, location! We are right in the middle of two of California’s iconic destinations — Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Hello, so many quick vacay getaways and day trips!

6. The beach is our neighbor — anything under 20 miles is considered close in LA and Southern California, and for most of us, the ocean is just a canyon away (pretty sweet, right?)


7. Even though it’s a large suburban city, we are surrounded by a plethora of parks, hiking and biking trails, lakes, the ocean, and the Santa Monica Mountains. It is so easy to step outside away from the busyness to enjoy our beautiful surroundings (ahh nature).

Tons of Local Mountain Biking

8. The ever-growing number of local businesses (we personally love supporting small, local organizations) – especially the start-up breweries, wineries, clothing boutiques, restaurants, and shops.

Adorable Cupcake Shop!


9.  Because the Conejo Valley is such a desired place to live, the housing market has become a great investment – you’ll soon see that we believe in this, as all three of us are currently updating, remodeling, or building our homes (talk about busy, busy).

10. The free and/or cheap classes, community events, and resources that you probably didn’t even know existed, offered by local libraries, businesses, parks and recreation centers, meet-up groups, and community groups.  Your tax dollars are already paying for them, so it’s time to get your money’s worth!



 So tell us, what are some of your favorite things about living in [or visiting] the 805?

As we like to say, spread the love 🙂


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