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Another Kipling Home Remodel {Part 2}

We are in the final home stretch of our remodel (read my Part 1 here) and as you can see someone is excited to be back in her crib.  Despite being so close to the end, this is the part that feels like it takes the longest.  It’s all the little things, touch ups, and finish work that can take a long time to complete.

We definitely have to give a big shout out to our contractor Avi from ARY Construction. When you are taking down walls, adding a bathroom, redoing electrical, etc. it is so helpful to have someone who really knows what they are doing and to keep things on track schedule-wise.  There is a lot of coordinating with subcontractors that needs to happen, so I know Mark appreciated all of Avi’s help!  

kipling guest bedroom remodel

kipling bathroom remodel

And we owe our families a huge thank you for helping with all of the last minute stuff! Mark’s parents were just in town so when they weren’t helping around the new house, they were watching Reese for us (thanks guys!).  My parents did the same… my dad had a field day in the garage {seriously — he loves cleaning out and organizing that kind of stuff, so you’re welcome, dad ;)} and my mom helped me clean, unpack, organize, and watch Reese.  My sister Ryley is known for her organizational skills and I was getting stressed about where to put things in the kitchen, so she came over the other night and helped me sort it all out. Seriously, deciding where to put the silverware drawer was stressful!  

kipling kitchen remodel 2

kitchen remodel DIY hood

My handy husband Mark framed our structural support beam and made our vent hood and they both turned out amazing! He also hung some shelves for our little coffee bar area, and I am now searching Pinterest for ideas on how to decorate it. 🙂

We still haven’t officially moved in, but we are so so close and we can’t wait.  We have a few projects left to tackle, like the closets, pantry shelving, and finishing up the master bathroom.   But as any homeowner knows, the house projects never really end.  I think Mark and I both agree that this is our favorite “flip” so far and are definitely planning to live here longer than our normal 2 years ;).

If you guys want to know where anything is from, feel free to comment below and I will let you know! I am in love with our bathroom tile, our kitchen light fixtures, and our hardware.  It can be so hard picking things out and I have definitely had to make a few returns.  Enjoy!


Tanisha at LL805

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