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Beach Body on a Budget {Bikini Series}

At the top of my New Year’s resolution list this year was getting into shape and eating healthier (OK, it’s actually at the top of my list EVERY year).  But, this year, I really wanted to do something I would actually stick to long term — instead of returning to my old habits come February 1st.

I somehow came across a women’s fitness company at the end of last year called Tone It Up, and started checking out their website and blog. I figured they must be doing something right since they had over a million followers — and not only do they both have amazing bodies, but they seem like truly genuine, fun girls. I especially like that they still condone drinking in moderation while living a healthy lifestyle (in my opinion, you shouldn’t have to feel guilty from a little wine or cocktails here and there — but maybe that’s just me?!).

They also have their own nutrition plan, protein powder line, and TV show on Bravo. These girls are serious and successful, and their whole company is built around supporting and inspiring others to live a fit, healthy, and happy life in a community of women [which is exactly what we are striving for – all of that, plus while staying on a budget 🙂 ].

Tone It Up Bikini Series starts now!

So if you haven’t already checked out Tone It Up, you must. They might be that inspiration you’ve been looking for!  And it’s perfect timing because you should join us in their newest challenge: Bikini Series, which just started on April 13th! The weekly workout routine is posted every Sunday, with a focus on getting your body ready for the incredible summers we have here in the Conejo Valley. Let’s do this!

Run Club Meet Ups

Don’t be discouraged — their online workouts are super easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions in each video.  While some workouts didn’t seem too difficult at the time, I definitely felt the burn the next morning or two. Once you get into the routine, it’s really motivating. I could barely run a full mile before the start of the challenge, and by the end, I shaved off over two minutes from my mile time!  They even incorporate yoga, stretching, and HIIT workouts for a well-rounded workout routine.

LocalLove805 - Yoga at the Pagoda Four Seasons - hay nicole tree pose

Things we love: It’s free, and more importantly, it’s motivating, convenient, and keeps you accountable. I mean, they practically spell out your workout routines and meal plans. It’s so inspiring to see these young, successful entrepreneurs making the most of their passion while helping others, and it’s a true example of turning your passion into a reality. You go girls! 🙂

BONUS:  Follow them on Instagram (@karenakatrina and @toneitup), Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more weekly workouts and healthy recipes. You can find my TIU Instagram account at @tiu_tanishalaree and follow my progress in the fitness world! Come join the LL805 Team and many other women from all over!

P.S. — I prefer to switch it up and do some of the routines outside at a nearby park or in the neighborhood. It’s fun to switch up the scenery. Try it out next time!

a run around the neighborhood


Team LL805

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