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Building Our Very First Home {Part 3}

Our house is still in progress [and yes, we’re still alive;)]!

We’ve been told the foundation is the toughest part, and, “if your marriage can survive building a home, you can survive anything!” So… so far I’d say we’re doing very well. However, it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier just yet 😉

Since my last update, we’ve done quite a bit. First, we built the stem and retaining walls, which hold the house up. So they’re very important. Then we poured the slab foundation — also, very important. Building our home - stem walls - LocalLove805stem walls - Building our home  - LocalLove805

[side note: If I’ve learned one thing, it’s that construction schedules change constantly. So when I found out that they poured the slab and it’d be dry in less than 3 hours, I packed up my stuff at work (yes, in Santa Monica) and booked it out to Agoura Hills to try to get my hand print and initials in the concrete before it dried. Unfortunately, I was too late #wompwomp 🙁 But, I still got to carve something in there! I’ll spare you the photo. It wasn’t my best work of art.]

Over the weekend, my handyman-of-a-husband went out and got the supplies to do the waterproofing himself (after watching countless YouTube Videos, talking to fellow contractors & construction crews and ensuring me that it was going to be a-okay). I must say, I was a bit worried at first, but he proved me wrong. We were impressed by the turn-out and it saved us a good chunk of money! [caveat: do not try this at home. Or, if you do, it didn’t come from me! 😉 ]

Plus, I got photos of him in this beautiful get-up! #worthit

Building our home - diy waterproofing - LocalLove805Building our home - diy waterproofing - LocalLove805LocalLove805 - building our homeLocalLove805 - building our homeThe above photo is looking at our house from our soon-to-be backyard.

After the slab was dry and the waterproofing complete, we started the framing (which is the most exciting part since the house really starts to come together – or so I’ve been told!).
LocalLove805 - building our home - framingLocalLove805 - building our homeAnd that’s a wrap for Part 3 of our home building process (really, it’s part 10,003, but whatever;) )! Next comes the 2nd story! Be on the lookout for Part 4!

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xx~ Hayley {LL805}


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