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The Best Workout You’ll Ever Experience {Burn 60 Studios}

As you may recall, we hosted a class at the newly opened Burn60 Studios at The Lakes in Thousand Oaks!

Let me start by saying, this is no ordinary workout class — it is 60 minutes of pure sweat and intensity [in a really good way].Burn60 - The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805We had such a great time! Here are most of the ladies {note: this is pre-sweat fest, a.k.a. pre-class — the after photos would be too scary! 😉 } They scored a spot in our class by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram posts — thanks again for coming out, everyone! #sorrywerenotsorryBurn60 - The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805…and here are the men (they had no idea what was about to hit them)…

Burn60 - The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805

Burn60 - The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805Alright, disclaimer time — we’ve taken our fair share of workout classes, but this one definitely tops the charts. We left completely and utterly exhausted, yet somehow planning our next return simultaneously. Seriously, I think it’s the adrenaline rush that consumes you after class ends. It’s like an addiction — it leaves you wanting more. But at least it’s a healthy one! 🙂

To that point, Burn60 has everything we love and seek in a workout class: a fast, efficient, and fun full-body workout. With ever-changing intervals, pump-you-up music, and expert trainers — this class has it all, and then some. [Side note: if you don’t like to sweat, you might want to stay home.]

Burn60 - The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805As much as we may have been nearly hating it at times, it was so worth it. We had such a blast. Don’t get me wrong — we were in pain and drenched in sweat after the first interval — but somehow we were still able to laugh and have fun.  Misery loves company, right?  Maybe. Or perhaps the endorphins were working overtime. It’s hard to explain, but if you try Burn60 out, you will totally understand.

Burn60 - The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805

Since we had a full class of over 25 people (who were all kickin’ some serious a**), we split up into two ‘teams’ — half starting on the treadmills, and half starting on the floor, which switched about every 10-15 minutes. Keith, our fun and fearless drill sergeant instructor, kept the energy going the entire time. No breaks, no slacking off. I’ll admit, there were a few times I wanted to give up, but that just wasn’t an option in this class — the energy was unstoppable.Burn60 - The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805Burn60 - The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805I mean call it peer-pressure, but it’s hard to not go full-out when the music is pumping and everyone around you’s giving 110{fd7f0a6624fbd2224f3c60e3404acbd2207eb416c38268e7e97265ebe361b912} [plus, Keith is yelling at the treadmill runners, “go 12.5!!” ;)] Haha, but really, the peer motivation is key (we wouldn’t have made it through otherwise) — and it’s the key reason why we absolutely love group classes.

Look at how lovely and sweet the staff is! Dont’ be fooled though, they mean some serious business. Burn60 - The Lakes - LocalLove805Another reason we love Burn60 — it’s conveniently located at The Lakes in Thousand Oaks, right next door to one of our favorite local spots to grab a quick and healthy meal or snack, SunLife Organics.  After our workout class we enjoyed some delicious (and beautiful) Dragon Bowls that were graciously donated by Carly and her SunLife team — thanks again SunLife!!

Brazilian Bowls - SunLife Organics - at The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805Aren’t they beautiful!? Almost as beautiful as Carly modeling them!Brazilian Bowls - SunLife Organics - at The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805Brazilian Bowls - SunLife Organics - at The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805In addition to the amazing Dragon Bowls, all guests went home with a special goodie bag with Burn60 water bottles, lip balm, pens, DIY hair bands, Santa Barbara granola bars, LL805 water bottles, and a couple of local clementine oranges.  I mean, who doesn’t love a goodie bag?!LocalLove805 Burn60 Giveaway Bags - The LakesBurn60 - The Lakes - LocalLove805

Burn60 - The Lakes - Thousand Oaks - LovelLove805LL805 Tip: Did you know that Burn60 offers almost a 50{fd7f0a6624fbd2224f3c60e3404acbd2207eb416c38268e7e97265ebe361b912} discount on classes to teachers, medical workers, firefighters, law enforcement, military, and more?? Such a generous offer — so take advantage of it if you fall into one of these categories! Also, if you are a ClassPass member, they have recently been added to their list of studios!  WoopWoop!

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Have any of you been to Burn60 yet? Let us know when you go by tagging us @LocalLove805 #LL805 and/or sharing in the comments below!

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