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Chalkboard Pantry Door + Chalkboard Paint Recipe {DIY home}

My husband works evenings, and some weekends, which means I occasionally have big chunks of time on my own.  This lends itself to some great opportunities for one of my favorite pastimes: DIY projects!

This Friday, we celebrated the 1-year anniversary of closing escrow on our home [and subsequently split an entire bottle of champs… oops?]. In hindsight, I can’t believe all of the projects and updates that we did to our house in the span of a year — thank goodness for friends and family, who were willing to wield a paintbrush!  With FakesGiving coming up, we’ve gotten a second wind on home renovations.  Exhibit A: my husband installed some great wainscoting for me in our upstairs hallway!


I had some free time on Sunday, so I decided to whip up a little project (rather than spending the day on Pinterest just looking at all the projects I should be doing, as per usual).

Hey everyone, look what I made! A chalkboard pantry door!


Here’s how to do it:

1. Rough it up.

Grab your electric sander, and sand the area that you want to paint [ladies, don’t be intimidated by power tools — they save a ton of time and are kinda fun too!] I used a medium-grit sandpaper, and just gave it a quick once-over.  Wipe off the dust with a damp towel, then with a dry towel.


2. Tape it off.

Tape off the areas that you will be painting.  Don’t be a hero and think that you can just free-hand the edges — I’m here to tell you that it NEVER works, at least not for me! 🙂  It’s worth the extra time to just get out some blue painter’s tape and get it over with.


3. Mix it up.

Make some chalkboard paint for pennies on the dollar — it is so easy, you will never again spend $8 on a tiny tub of chalkboard paint!  Take about 1 cup of black latex paint, flat finish, and add 2 Tbsp non-sanded tile grout, like this:

bb3Mix it up, carefully breaking up any clumps.  You are ready to paint!

4. Layer it on.

Find your trusty paintbrush, and go to town!  Put on a nice, thick coat of chalkboard paint on all surfaces that you wish to chalkboard-ify (<<scientific term).  Make sure you get all the way to the edges of your tape line!


Let dry completely.  I waited about an hour, but I’m kinda antsy, so you may choose to wait a bit longer.  Just make sure the paint is dry to the touch, and no longer tacky.

5. Condition

VERY IMPORTANT: resist the urge to immediately start copying that chalkboard art typography that you found on Pinterest while you were waiting for your paint to dry.  That is, of course, unless you want it up there semi-permanently.  You MUST condition the chalkboard surface before you start writing, or else you won’t be able to erase it completely!

To do this, take a piece of chalk, lay it on its side, and rub the chalk over the entiiiiire surface of the chalkboard.  Now it should look like this:


Oh, and make sure to drop your piece of chalk at least 20 times so it shatters into tiny pieces on your kitchen floor, like I did. 😉 Wipe off the chalkboard with a paper towel, and you are all ready to go!

6. Get creative

I decided to use my chalkboard pantry door as a place to keep track of my weekly meal plan, as well as a spot to jot down anything that I need to restock on.  Next time I’m ready to go shopping, all I need to do is take a picture of the list with my phone, and I’m out the door.



If you think this is my own personal handwriting, I totally copied it off of a font website,  I looked on the site for a font that I liked (and one I thought I could copy), entered in my sample text, and then just copied it onto the chalkboard (to the best of my ability!).

This project is also quite handy, because it made me want to clean out and organize my pantry (which is why this picture looks much nicer than the earlier stages of the project :))


What surface in your home are YOU going to chalkboard-ify?!

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xx, Nicole {LL805}


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