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Perfect Place for Alone Time, Small Gatherings & More {Chocolatine, Thousand Oaks}

When was the last time you spent some quality alone time? Enjoying the leisure of having no plans or time constraints. It’s been awhile, right? I find that the older I get (and I’m not that old;), the more rare that time becomes. However, recently I went to JiffyLube for an oil change on T.O. Blvd (sounds amazing, right?;) and while I was waiting for my car, I walked over to one of my favorite local cafes, Chocolatine.

If you haven’t been yet, Chocolatine is a French Pastries & Tea Room located in Thousand Oaks off of T.O. Blvd. It’s owned by the sweetest French couple, Hugo & Sabrina, and has the most tranquil ambiance. There tagline says it well, “A little taste of France in Thousand Oaks”. It truly resembles the artisan European bakeries and the owners are almost always visiting with customers in a way that seems they’ve known them for years.

I was gazing at the mouth watering selection of home baked sweets and pastries when the lovely owner, Sabrina, cheerfully approached me and asked what she could get me. I ordered a cappuccino and macaroon (she recommended Hazelnut as the go-to) and then quickly asked for a to-go cup. She then asked, “Oh, do you have to be somewhere?” and of course I reply, “My cars next door so I should probably get back to it soon”.  Then we went on in conversation which made me realize that I really had no where to be, no need to rush and quite honestly, JiffyLube can wait.

Enjoying some alone time at Chocolatine

So, I opted to enjoy my cappuccino in-house (really, on the front patio with my yorkie, Mika – which to note, Sabrina gladly welcomed Mika and I inside to sit and visit — apparently, European cafes are super dog friendly). I enjoyed visiting with Sabrina for awhile and then simply spent time to myself while consciously deciding to ignore my habit of checking my phone and rushing to the next place on my to-do list.

Cappuccino Chocolatine

It really got me thinking — I mean, why the rush? Why is there constantly the need to feel that you must be connected, must get to that next place and must complete the next item on your check list NOW? Our culture is the answer — but that shouldn’t be our excuse. We can consciously choose to spend time alone- unplug and unwind. And I must say, Chocolatine is the perfect place for that.

Caveat: You do not have to be alone when visiting Chocolatine. It’s also great for a small pastry breakfast, homemade lunch, coffee & tea, and they even host a special monthly dinner which you should RSVP to ahead of time. You can also host your own small event with a minimum of 15 guests to a max of 30!

Hugo & Sabrina recently handed over Chocolatine to another couple from Lyon, France.  They spent about a month teaching recipes to the new owners, and the transition has been seamless.  Hugo and Sabrina are now retiring in France, and will soon open up a Bed & Breakfast where only one couple can stay at a time.  Um, putting my name on the reservation list, like, NOW. 😉


Where’s your favorite spot when you want some quiet time? When was the last time you had the luxury of being alone? Please share #spreadthelove


{Chocolatine is located at 2955 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd}

Opening Hours:

Tues – Thurs 9-6pm

Fri- Sat 9-7:30pm

Sun 9-6pm


Au plaisir de vous y voir! Au Revoir!


Hayley {LL805}

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