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A day date at the Ronald Reagan Library {local resources}

The holidays were a bit busy with all the family and festivities going on (which I loved, don’t get me wrong!), but once things were winding down I wanted to have a fun day date for Luke and I. Having grown up in the Conejo Valley, I’d only been to the Ronald Reagan Library once when I was pretty young so I thought that would be a fun date. I checked admission (only $16 for adults!) and made sure they had food & beverages (duh) – there’s a cafe and a pub with beer! Plus, it’s located in Conejo Valley area, the parking is free and your entry fee pays for a day of entertainment.

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805In addition to the Ronald Reagan museum and the Air Force One, there’s usually a few temporary exhibits as well. During this winter season, the additional exhibits included Awesome Automobiles and A California Christmas (perfect for me!).

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805 - Berlin WallThe day Luke and I went was a beautiful day and it was especially clear thanks to the brisk wind. It was a pretty cold that day, so we were only able to last outside for a bit — but the views were amazing. There’s outdoor seating all along the museum, as well as a piece of the Berlin Wall which is pretty amazing to see in person (especially after having just learned about the history of the Berlin Wall just moments before inside the museum).Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805 - overlooking the view

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805-viewsThe Awesome Automobiles exhibit was pretty neat. I was excited about that one because I knew Luke would enjoy it (as any guy would!). They had some pretty amazing cars there — the Batmobile, Herbie the Love Bug, Greased Lightning, James Bond’s car, and more. There were also old cars from Hollywood stars and legends such as Audrey Hepburn, Elton John and Elvis Presley.

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805 - Amazing Automobiles Exhibit 2Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805 - Grease Lightning

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805-Batmobile

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805 - Amazing Automobile ExhibitAir Force One was crazy to see and even crazier to walk through. For one thing, it’s sitting inside an enormous room with a glass window as the entire wall overlooking the valley. After walking through Air Force One, we enjoyed lunch and beer at the Ronald Reagan Pub sitting directly underneath the wings.

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805- Air Force One 2

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805- Ronald Reagan PubThe California Christmas Exhibit was really fun too! There was a Christmas tree decorated for each iconic California city, from San Diego all the way up to the Redwood Forest. I’m a proud California native and Christmas fanatic, so I especially loved this exhibit 🙂

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805- California ExhibitSurprisingly though, Luke and I both enjoyed the Ronald Reagan Museum the most. I say surprisingly because history was not my best subject (in fact, I think it was my worst), but the museum and history was very interesting. Videos, photos and memorabilia from Ronald Reagan’s life were showcased all throughout the museum, as well as a replica of the Oval Office! It was very impressive (and so is this photo of Luke, right??;)

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805- Luke as PresidentRonald Reagan Library- LocalLove805- The Oval Office

They recommend allowing for about 3 hours to explore all the museum has to offer — Luke and I were actually there for just over 4 hours! And we even had to rush through the ending of the museum as we had plans that evening. I definitely want to go back again soon. It was really inspiring to learn more about Ronald Reagan and all the history.  We really enjoyed it (much more than we thought we would too!).

We were both impressed and surprised by all that the Ronald Reagan Library has to offer, and it’s practically in our backyard! Pretty amazing if you ask me.Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805- views of the Conejo Valley

So next time you’re trying to think of something different to do, I definitely recommend checking out the Ronald Reagan Library and making a day of it. Let us know if you go too and share your photo(s) with us! We’d love to hear about your time there! #LL805 #localresources #eatshopplayexplore

Ronald Reagan Library- LocalLove805 - Herbie

Much love from me & Herbie!;)


Hayley {LL805}

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