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How to Plan and Host a Dinner Club {DIY }

We are semi-obsessed with the idea of DIY Dinner Clubs. What more do you need than an evening of entertainment with friends, delicious home-cooked meals and wine pairings? Not much, right!? 🙂

Since the three of us are new homeowners, or soon-to-be homeowners, we are especially excited to finally have the ability to host dinner parties in the comfort of our own homes — and Themed Dinner Clubs add even more to the excitement!

Dinner Clubs are not only a great way to entertain guests, but also a great way to explore new recipes and wines. Plus, hosting dinner parties makes it easier to keep your entertainment to a budget – especially when you switch off hosting between each guest or couple in your “club”!

Of course, planning ahead is a must for a simple, stress-free, yet gourmet experience.

Here are some tips for getting your DIY Dinner Club started:

  • Hosting too many people at a time can make the event more stressful than enjoyable, so keep it small and simple. A group of 6-10 people is the perfect size.
  • Find a group of friends, co-workers or family who will be able to commit and participate in the club with enthusiasm and creativity.
  • Once you have your “club” members, decide how often you all want to meet-up based on everyone’s scheduling. Quarterly or every other month is a great starting point  (don’t get too over-zealous — you’re busier than you think 😉 Be realistic.
  • Now for the fun stuff! Have the host of each dinner party pick a theme and determine the main dish. You can start by picking a country and/or main course to create your menu – and then go from there! You can also assign side dishes for the other guests or, if you trust them enough, let them choose their own side dish(es) based on the theme.
  • Include wine pairings or any other themed beverages to spice things up. And if you really want to impress, go to your local wine shop to ask for pairing suggestions based on your main dish and/or region. Now you’ll really be the best host(ess;)!

And for some bonus points…!

  • Include complimentary tunes (Frank Sinatra is always a good one!).  You can even base the music on your theme #takingittothenextlevel
  • Incorporate produce from your garden or local farmer’s market in the recipes and make sure to let your guests know where it came from. Which brings me to the next point…
  • Ask the group to send you their recipe and ingredients ahead of time. Then you can print out a menu and include the recipes as a takeaway for each guest!
  • Finally, plan the place seatings ahead of time.  You can even create name tags or festive center pieces for an extra touch (but don’t stress!) -remember, you can keep it simple.

As you rotate hosting the dinner parties, you will find that each host adds their own unique spin to it which allows you to try recipes you may never have before!

Custom Menu

Pear, pecan, gorgonzola salad

dinner club with friends

We can’t wait to start our own DIY Dinner Club Hosting Series and to share it with you! Let us know if you’ve hosted a dinner party and have any other tips too. As always,  we’d love to hear from you! #spreadthelove #diy #localeats #onabudget


Hayley {LL805}

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