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The Club Everyone’s Been Waiting For {& how you can JOIN NOW}

True story: 98{fd7f0a6624fbd2224f3c60e3404acbd2207eb416c38268e7e97265ebe361b912} of the time I buy wine, I look for the prettiest label.

Sure, I’d love to actually know what I’m buying, where it’s from, and hey, if I’d actually even like how it tastes.  But, as I peruse the wine aisle for the 437th time, I can’t help but go back to my old habits.

But, what if — just what if — there was a wine club that only sourced local wines from the Santa Barbara/Paso Robles area, delivered specialty-curated shipments directly to your door, promising ultra-premium, limited-production wines that you can’t find in grocery stores, at the lowest winery-direct pricing, that also gave back to the community?

I know what you’re thinking… if this truly exists, then this must be the unicorn of wine clubs.

Well.  You’re CORRECT.

When my first Boutique Wine Club shipment showed up at my front door, I couldn’t wait to dig into my first bottle — except, it was 10 a.m. and I figured I should wait for a more acceptable time to drink wine 😉  #adulting

Anyways, I brought a couple bottles to a wine tasting party, which pretty much made me the hero of the evening.  Luckily, I had read the handy pamphlet beforehand, so I was armed with some great information that told me tasting notes, food pairings, and a bit about the winery’s history [read: I sounded like a total wine genius].

It was so incredible to have wine hand-selected for me — one that was infinitely better than any wine I could have picked out at the grocery store — and to have it delivered to my doorstep.  And, bonus: the bottles still had pretty labels 😉

If I haven’t convinced you yet, here are the top 3 reasons to #DrinkBoutiqueWine:

1. Taste the local love

These ultra-premium and small-batch wines are from Santa Barbara and Paso Robles only.  Pretty much, this makes you the #1 fan of the 805.

Oh… and did we mention the free wine tasting at all affiliate wineries?  We’re talking Stolpman, Saarloos & Sons, Cinquain, Larner, Koehler… sounds like you need to plan a wine tasting trip, ASAP.

2. Become friends with benefits (…the good kind;)

Club members receive the best price offered at each of the affiliate wineries, so you know you are getting top-notch wine at base level prices.

Also, you save 20{fd7f0a6624fbd2224f3c60e3404acbd2207eb416c38268e7e97265ebe361b912} on private wine tours, exclusively for members — BWC started as a wine tour company, so they have very close relationships with the wine makers themselves.

3. Soak in those feel-good vibes

When you join one of their three clubs, Boutique Wine Club will donate 5{fd7f0a6624fbd2224f3c60e3404acbd2207eb416c38268e7e97265ebe361b912} to support the education of the children of vineyard workers. Now, you can “unwine’d” knowing that you are supporting the hands that harvested each grape, which went into that perfectly-crafted glass of vino you’re holding.

Boutique Wine Club is everything #LL805 stands for — shopping locally, supporting small businesses, and giving back to the community.  And we know that you, as a Local Love 805 faithful reader, are all about these things, too.

Well lucky for you (!!), we are partnering with BWC and offering free shipping on your first shipment [a $25 value]!!  Just enter the code “LL805 upon checkout — and don’t forget to tag #LL805 and #drinkboutiquewine with your wine glass selfies!

Also, you should definitely sign up before February 26th so you can get the winter shipment — experience the wild Zins of Paso Robles!

Drink local, spread the word, and bottoms up!

xx, Nicole {LL805}

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