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Everyday Battles: Safe + Effective Postpartum Strength Training [+ giveaway!]

During my pregnancy, I stayed very active — I was doing cycling, HIIT classes, Pilates, and barre classes up until the week before I delivered, determined to keep my body strong for the marathon of birth that was to come.

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In my search for pregnancy-safe exercises, I was inundated with Instagram pictures, emails, and advertisements touting postpartum fitness plans that guaranteed I would get my “pre-pregnancy body back in 6 weeks.”

I was already planning my first trip back to my favorite fitness classes, setting unrealistic expectations in my head, and prepping myself to “get my body back” ASAP… which quickly derailed when I had an urgent and unplanned C-section, resulting in a mandatory 8 weeks off of physical activity.

Thankfully, a friend recommended that I go see Brianna Battles, owner of Everyday Battles, who specializes in pregnant and postpartum fitness.  I can’t even begin to describe how vital this class was for me to reset my expectations, exercise safely, avoid injury, and to respect how my body has changed since carrying and birthing a child (regardless of the method!).

Let me break it down — here are 7 reasons why your body will thank you for taking this 6-week class:

1. You’ll get better advice than just “listen to your body.”

Throughout my training during pregnancy, all of my fitness instructors told me, “listen to your body.”  Okay, what does that even mean?! I now know that, even though I avoided sit-ups, planks, and other direct ab work, I was not exercising safely.  Unfortunately, this resulted in a pretty large diastasis recti, which I am working on repairing now.  Which leads me to…

2. You’ll learn about your own diastasis recti, and how to fix it.

Oh wait, haven’t heard of diastasis recti?  Well, I hadn’t, either.  And guess what — pretty much every pregnant woman gets it.

I’ll spare you the details, but your ab muscles separate down the middle to create room for your growing baby, and it takes a long time postpartum for them to fuse back together again. The problem with exercising incorrectly with an un-repaired diastasis recti is that your ab muscles could herniate, you could get seriously injured, and your course toward strength training could be delayed — for a long time. NO THANKS. [for more info, read her awesome blog post here]

3. You will gain realistic expectations.

After all, your body literally grew a human being.  There have been some permanent changes, and it is vital to know what those changes are, and how to respect them.  This does NOT mean that you are destined to be 20 lbs. overweight for the rest of your life simply because you were pregnant before — but, it does mean that you will need to learn a new way to strengthen the amazing machine that, like I said before, GREW. A. HUMAN. #womenarebadasses

4. You will learn the difference between what’s common, and what’s normal (no, they are NOT the same thing!).

Gonna get real here — peeing when you laugh or sneeze is not normal.  Just because it happens to so many women (and some even joke about it as a badge of honor), doesn’t mean you should accept this as your fate. Bri talks about this (and more!) and will set you up with the appropriate resources.

5. You’ll gain an amazing community of supportive women.

I can’t tell you how many times I held another woman’s baby while doing squats, so she could go use the rowing machine during our circuit workout.  This program demonstrates true motherhood community (instead of what I like to call “mompetition”), and has a one-for-all, all-for-one mentality — which is crucial in those postpartum days, yo!

6. You will correct bad habits

You’ve all seen “the mom stance” — holding a baby, leaning back, hips tucked under, shifting weight off to one side, yadda yadda… — turns out, this not only has bad implications for posture, but also for exacerbating injury, screwing up your alignment, and negatively impacting your strength and conditioning like you never thought possible.  Bri teaches you how to fix this, and emphasizes that what you do, and what you don’t do, have lasting effects.

7. You will get strong!


As if being a mom doesn’t make you strong enough (those car seats are heavy, fo real), this course sets the stage for further strength training, so that you can get back to your favorite methods of exercising (again, safely).  As Bri says, even the fittest, strongest women need a game plan!

The goal of this series is not total body transformation in 6 weeks — although I will say, I noticed that I felt a lot less squishy afterward!  The tools I learned during this class have already made their way into my daily life and exercise routines, and I feel so much stronger already.


Interested in receiving a free consultation from Brianna Battles (wroth $100)?! head to our Instagram page @locallove805 for all of the details!

[hint: her online courses are pretty fabulous, so if you live too far away, these are always a great option!]


For more information, and to sign up for the next postpartum conditioning program, head to Everyday Battles in Moorpark [and yes, it’s worth the drive ;)]

xx, Nicole {LL805}

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