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5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Exercise into your Vacay {DIY Fitness}

I love to be active and explore while on vacation, as I think most people do — unless you’re more the lounging, reading a book type, which is also fine (I guess;). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about laying poolside and enjoying a few Pina Coladas (which the waiter so kindly brought over to me) … BUT, that kind of vacay only happens every so often, and after a day or two of lounging, I’m usually ready for some activity anyway.

I was recently camping at Refugio Beach (one of our family’s fave local campgrounds) and realized how many simply ways there are to incorporate exercise and/or activity in your day.

Refugio beach - El Capitan - local camping - LocalLove805

1. Running is an easy way to get outside, workout and explore. At Refugio Beach, there’s a bike trail from Refugio campground to El Capitan State Beach. The trail is around 2.5 miles along the coast, so it makes for a scenic workout. cheers - weekend - camping - ocean mesa - santa barbara - el capitan - optoutside - LL805 - run - work it outI like to switch it up a bit too so I don’t get too bored 😉 So, one day I ran a few laps on some stairs that I found, and another day I ran on the beach for part of my run.stairs - refugio beach - el capitan - work out - run - LocalLove8052. Biking is another great way to explore outside while burning some calories. I especially love working out for a reward (which is most often food). As we noted in a previous blog post, El Capitan has the best lattes and breakfast burritos, along with other great options.

sunset bike cruise - refugio beach - el capitan - work out - LocalL0ve8053. Surfing & Paddleboarding — the latter is one of my favorite ways to get in some exercise while enjoying the scenery. We took the SUP out a couple days and paddled around – thankfully, there were no shark sightings! 😉 [Check out our post here on the Best Local SUP Rentals!]SUP - paddleboarding - Refugio Beach - camping - work out - LocalLove805

4. Beach games are a great way to get in some activity for the day. We played spike ball (the guys’ favorite!), smashball, whiffle ball, catch, and of course, swimming. Nothing like some good ol’ fashion beach games to bring you back to your childhood days. Ahhh, the simple life 🙂 P.S., remember how fun body surfing was!?


5. Hiking — OK, admittedly, hiking can be a little slow-paced for me sometimes… BUT, if I find a hike that has a great look out at the end, or gives some fun and challenging terrain, I’m more likely to stay entertained 😉 We have so many hikes with waterfalls, steep climbs, ocean views, and even historic movie sets in our area — and there are even more hiking gems beyond our 805 borders!hikecollageNicole and her husband found great hikes in Germany, Switzerland, and Guatemala that definitely changed their views of hiking 😉

How do you like to enjoy your vacay while getting in a workout and exploring?

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xx~ Hayley {LL805}


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  1. Ashten
    3 years ago

    You had me a biking to breakfast burritos. Can’t wait to do that soon!


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