fitBallet + tank top giveaway! {Work It Wednesday}

ICYMI: Julie, founder of fitBallet and 805-native, brought her incredibly effective workout skillz all the way from NYC last year for a morning pop-up class at Studio Maesto in Santa Monica.  I probably should have planned a little better, because I definitely didn’t think I would sweat that much, and totally went to work looking like I had just run a marathon.

{psst… is this the first time you’re hearing about fitBallet? Check out our post  for the full 411 straight from the source, on Julie’s workout philosophy, career change, and dance background — or see this article from TheEveryGirl!} 

Plié, jeté, burpée… that, and SO much more, is what you get when you try fitBallet. Julie is a Harvard Law graduate-turned-fitness businesswoman, and is strong, hilaaarious, and smart as all get-out.  fitBallet is all the rage in NYC, and I’m sure will be catching like wildfire out in LA LA Land before we know it.


I took a pop-up class in Santa Monica last year, which was a swift battement right in the you-know-what — and, unlike most ballet-inspired/barre classes I’ve tried, this one kept my heart racing the entire time.  My favorite part?  NO. BARRE.  That’s right, ladies — no gripping on for dear life while cheating your way out of a full-body workout [side note/gripe of other barre classes: just because you have a barre in the class does not mean that it is ballet-inspired… okay, rant over!].

Julie said it perfectly when she put into words my same gripes about other workouts:

“Traditional weight workouts made feel feel crunched and bulky, and yoga didn’t make me sweat enough to feel like anything was actually happening. Little by little, I started putting together workouts for myself that took the best from the disciplines I loved: a fast, circuit-based platform combined with exercises from ballet that emphasized elongated muscles and muscle tone.”

I mean, right?!?!

Balance, strength, flexibility, agility, and heart-pumping cardio..?  Gang’s all here!  Each element was perfectly amalgamated into my ultimate workout.  I loved the circuit format, which kept things exciting and varied.

You don’t have to be a prima ballerina to get enjoyment out of these classes (I’m pretty sure ballerinas aren’t doing mountain climbers in their classes), but it will elongate, target, and tone all of those dancer muscles in your body.  I was loving the extra stretch sesh at the end of class (hello, hamstrings!) which a) made me a little sad that I had gotten so inflexible over the years, and b) helped relieve some of that intense lactic acid build-up that was starting to set in.


Even though we can’t access her class in person on a weekly basis, have no fear!  Here’s a sample workout [via Periscope, so you can follow along easily AND so you can see that others are sweating just as much as you are].


Also… how badass is this tank top?  Well, you’re in luck because… we’re giving one away!


{you can buy it, too, if you just can’t wait!}

All you need to do is… head over to our Instagram page, tag a friend in the comments (one entry per comment), and start tagging away!  You KNOW you want that tank!

Winners will be announced on Friday!  [P.S. if you don’t win, stay tuned for a special LL805 Exclusive discount code, which will be revealed on Friday and valid through December 15!]


xx, Nicole {LL805}

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