How I’m Getting My Pre-Pregnancy Body Back {Fitness Movement}

We’re so excited to report that Fitness Movement in Westlake Village is hosting an entire day of FREE classes!  As this is one of our favorite places to exercise on #workitwednesday, you should definitely make sure you sign up ASAP to snag a spot.  Plus, Juice Ranch will be there offering free juice! Don’t miss out!

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I’m gonna be honest here… I wrote this post about a year ago.  But we never published it because I didn’t have any photos at the time.  And I just now went back.  Woops. But I do kinda have an excuse — I did have a baby.  So read on to find out why I fell in love with Fitness Movement and why I am now going again to get my pre-baby body back!

I’m one of those people who cannot stick with a gym membership, because I’m frankly not “good” at working out — so after doing some cardio I end up wandering around the gym not knowing what to do next… and then I just leave.  So instead, I’ve started shopping the “deal” sites to find different local fitness classes and studios, because going to a one hour class is something I can do, and it helps add variety to my work out routine.


This is how I came across the Fitness Movement in the Westlake Village/Oak Park area the first time. They also have a second location that just opened in Thousand Oaks, which I got a great Conejo Deal for! They also always offer new clients a month of unlimited classes at $99 as well as discounts on multiple classes or monthly passes.

I tend to feel intimidated when trying out a new place on my own, but I loved the small, casual, and friendly atmosphere at Fitness Movement. I told the instructor that it was my first time at the studio, as well as my first Pilates reformer class ever. She immediately went over the entire machine with me before class started and gave me individual instruction throughout the class to correct my not-so-perfect form in a super-friendly way.

fitness-movement-class fitness-movement-pilates

If any of you have not tried a Pilates reformer class, I definitely recommend it. There was not a single muscle in my body that wasn’t shaking! I was amazed how this low-impact workout on the reformer machine worked every inch of my body. And I was hooked.

The next class I tried was a cycling and arms class {note: only the Westlake location offers this class}. I have always wanted to try a cycle class, but never have because they seem so intense with their loud music, shouting orders and weird looking cycle shoes. The Fitness Movement cycle class is not your typical cycle class. The class sizes are a max of 10 people, which pretty much eliminates all intimidation, and only two people in my class had their own pair of cycle shoes (phew!). The instructor stayed at the front throughout the class, which was nice because she couldn’t tell that I really was only at a level 10 intensity instead of 16.

Since the class also had an arm workout at the end, the cycle portion was only 40 minutes long (and thank God for that because there is no way I would have lasted a full hour). I’m also one of those people who use music to help me stay motivated during a workout, and this class had some of best workout music ever (think Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, and Two Chainz). It made me push myself harder and faster, which was awesome when I realized how many miles I had cycled and how many calories I had burned — definitely satisfying.

So, here are the reasons why you should try Fitness Movement (in case I haven’t convinced you already) —

  • a large variety of classes {only at Westlake Village location}
  • the best pilates reformer class ever {at both locations}
  • amazing music
  • excellent and friendly instructors (not to mention I would kill to have any of their bodies)
  • no “gymtimidation”
  • and a super easy online class schedule and sign up

Boom! Now go try it out and let me know how it goes!


Tanisha at LL805

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  1. Maxine Evans
    4 years ago

    Love this ! Sharing!

    1. Nicole
      4 years ago

      Thanks so much for sharing! Feel free to post it on your social networks 🙂

  2. Ashten
    3 years ago

    Ok this looks like my kinda gym! Guess who’s joining when she moves back?



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