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Our Go-To Guide for Hiking Solstice Canyon {local trails}

Summer means spending lots of time outdoors, especially since the days are long and it is always gorgeous out here! If you’re looking for a great hike [with lots of shade… hiii heatwave!] that is dog- and kid-friendly, look no further than Solstice Canyon.  Here’s one of our favorite throwback posts for today’s Work-It Wednesday — enjoy!

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So, I woke up on Saturday morning and got the strange urge for a hike.

Now, for me, hikes are fine and all, but I have a couple of caveats:

1. The hike needs to be pretty gorgeous and/or have a ‘landmark’ to hike to (i.e., waterfall, ocean view, etc.)

2. The less stress & coordinating involved, the better (aka I don’t want to be searching for a hike with view, that also has parking and dog-friendly trails. Can’t we just have it all?)

Call me picky, but maybe I got dragged onto one-too-many hikes as a kid [my parents are really outdoors-y].  So, there I was, google-ing one of the many dog-friendly hikes that promised beautiful scenery and interesting landmarks, and came upon Solstice Canyon.  We harnessed up the pups, filled the Camelback, and hopped in the car.LocalLove805 - Guide to Hiking Solstice Canyon - local trails - dog friendly

Here’s our play-by-play, so you can do less google-ing/planning/stressing and just do what you want to do: hike.


This is a popular hike [but not ‘Runyon Canyon’ popular, so don’t worry! 😉 ] so parking can fill up on weekends.  There are two lots: a small one in the front, and then a larger one if you drive about a quarter mile down a paved road into the park.  Since we went on a Saturday, we parked on the left side of the road, just past the park entrance.



The trail is primarily flat, with a few inclines, but totally doable for even a novice hiker.  This would actually make a great trail run, which we did for a few stretches of the hike.  Tons of shade makes it a great hike for families, and there are a few picnic areas, as well.  This is a chill, 2.6 mile loop, that is even accessible for a jogging stroller in most areas.


There are a few different offshoots that lead to longer, more strenuous trails, which we are excited to explore soon! The Deer Valley loop off of Sostomo trail offers a challenging hike with occasional ocean views.  Sign me up!


This hike has one of the only year-round waterfalls [although, thanks to the drought, it was a pretty weak flow].


Part way into the hike, you come upon some old stone walls of the once-was Keller House, which was built in 1865.  This home is fenced in, but further up into the trail, you can walk through the remains of the Williams mansion that was built in 1952.  These homes were unfortunately both victims of wildfires that swept through the area, but their remains provide an interesting time capsule for architectural designs of their time.

IMG_2372 IMG_2381

There are lots of cool places to explore and climb, which provides the kind of entertainment I need to keep me going!



Although there were plenty of cars in the parking lot, the trail was never crowded, and we were often the only ones in sight.  Besides the two teenage hooligans that trespassed and were smoking [yeah, I saw you guys… RUDE], everyone was respectful and friendly.  Dogs are welcome, so long as you keep them on a leash.


We even saw a group of Junior Rangers out taking care of the trail.  Those are your tax dollars at work, people! 🙂


Have you been to Solstice Canyon?  What are some of your favorite trails in Malibu?

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Nicole {LL805}


[Solstice Canyon Trailhead is located at: Corral Canyon Road & Solstice Canyon Road, Malibu, CA 90265]


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  1. Alfredo Moreno
    2 years ago

    Do you know what time can you start hiking there at solstice canyon can you go as early as 6am if so we’re can you park that early

    1. Tanisha
      2 years ago

      We looked up their brochure and it says the main parking lot does not open until 8am and illegally parked cars could be towed. So unless you hear otherwise, you might not be able to go that early.


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