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How To Host A MANbrunch {DIY}

When you think of hosting a brunch you probably think of your sister’s bridal shower or your best friend’s baby shower.  But being the brunch lover that I am I wanted to host a brunch for my hubby, brother, dad, and grandpa for Father’s Day and I wanted to make it more manly than the traditional brunch – so here’s a look at what I did…

1. What is a brunch without a cocktail? In the search for a brunch appropriate, yet “manly” cocktail we came across the “Manmosa“. So perfect! {I’ve also seen manmosas made with bourbon which is another great option!}


2. Use simple decor or go for a guy-friendly theme.  I threw this brunch together semi-last minute (pretty typical for a mother of a 7 month old baby), so I kept it simple and incorporated my hubby’s favorite color into the decor, red.  I grabbed red, white, and yellow flowers from a local market, collected chalkboard signs from around the house to display menu items and “Happy Father’s Day”, and  hosted everything outside on our patio {thanks to the bar that my husband made and our newly purchased outdoor furniture via Craigslist! #chaching}.

fathers-day01 fathers-day03

3. Ask your husband/significant other/dad etc. what their favorite brunch items are.  It’s easy to go the cute, sweet brunch menu route, but I tried my best to avoid that for this brunch.  So instead, I asked my husband what some of his favorite brunch items include and went from there.  French toast is his favorite, so I made a baked french toast courtesy of The Pioneer Woman. And of course, we needed some eggs and meat, so my sister-in-law made an amazing egg and ham casserole along with a generous side of bacon. Mmmm!

4. Lawn games are always a hit with the men.  Having something fun for the guys to do as an activity is always a plus – at least for us ladies. We enjoy relaxing, chatting and sipping on our delicious mimosas, but the guys tend to get a bit more antsy than us sometimes;) So incorporating games like corn hole, bocce ball, croquet and ladder ball allows the men to engage in some friendly competition and definitely adds to the MANbrunch theme!

Cornhole Pool BBQ - LL805

5. Surround them with the ones they love.  Invite friends and family that you know your man enjoys spending time with. You can pretty much guarantee he’s going to have an amazing time with friend, family, food and fun.

fathers-day05 fathers-day06 fathers-day04

Hope these tips helped you for hosting your next MANbrunch and please let me know if you have more tips and tricks because I can always use them! Happy hosting! #spreadthelove #DIYmanbrunch #LL805


Tanisha at LL805

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Posted on December 14, 2016

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