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Making a Monogram Wall [DIY]

I am clearly completely obsessed with the home of Emily over at Jones Design Company {fun fact: she’s the cousin of one of my best friends + college roomie}!  I have sort of unabashedly copied so many decor ideas from her house, and this house project was no exception.  I loved her monogram wall so much that I decided to make one of my own!

Going from an “A” to “S” last name initial was a little rough (it was kinda fun being first in school okay?!) but I have chosen to embrace it wholeheartedly.

I have never really had a “collection” of anything, so I decided to start collecting the letter “S” from various antique stores, garage sales, hobby stores, and Home Goods, of course.  I even made a few of my own!  It is always fun to find different representations of my last initial, especially when you can recall where you bought each one.

Ok, so now I have all of my S-es… s’s..? esses? Ss?  Okay, whatever.  How do I hang them without putting a kajillion holes in my wall?

Measure your space

Use butcher paper to make a template matching the dimensions of your wall

Lay out your objects (and switch them around a ton until they look ‘just right’)


Trace your letters, and make marks for where the letter will hang (helps with nail placement later) — if some of your letters have similar sizes, don’t forget to write a little reminder of which letter it is!

IMG_2236 IMG_2233

Tape butcher paper to your wall with painter’s tape


Start hammering! Place all hooks, nails, picture hangers, etc. and test each letter to make sure that it hangs correctly

IMG_2257IMG_2252{don’t forget the most important aspect of home improvement projects: BEER}

Carefully tear butcher paper from the wall (so that you don’t rip out all of the nails!) — this worked best if I did it in sections, and hung letters as I went


Hang letters, step back, and admire your work!


What do you think?

We left a lot of room on our wall so that we could add to the collection.  If you have any questions about the origin of some of these letters, respond in the comments and I will do my best to let you know where they are from!

How are you filling empty walls in your living space?  What DIY projects would you like to see featured on the blog?  Let us know!



xx, Nicole {LL805}

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