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Maternity Photos: Malibu Creek State Park {Brooke Borough Photography}

I have known the lovely Brooke Borough of Brooke Borough Photography since she was a junior high student and hung out with my little sister — they both were adorably awkward and hilarious growing up, so it’s so much fun to see what a lovely and talented woman she’s become! (…still waiting for my sister to grow out of the awkward phase… just kidding TayTay! 😉

After seeing her work with Tanisha’s maternity photos, I knew that I had to have her take my maternity photos one day.  Funny story actually — in December, I was in the early stages of my pregnancy, trying to hide it and therefore pretending like I was drinking wine at a friend’s wedding, when I spotted Brooke (she was assistant photographer for the wedding).  I was so excited to nail her down for photos that I almost spilled the beans to her right then and there!  Luckily, I held it in until I saw her again at Tanisha’s Super Bowl party and made her then promise to hold a spot for us 🙂

Brooke Borough is an incredible wedding photographer, and on occasion, will also take maternity photos.  Now that so many people have found out about her insane talent, she has become one of the top go-to wedding photographers in the Conejo Valley (in addition to Marianne Wilson Photography whom we just featured on our blog last week)!  Needless to say, she is very busy, so we were stoked that she could carve out some time for us.

Brett and I haven’t had any professional photos taken since our wedding over 7 years ago (!!!), but Brooke quickly made us feel at ease, which resulted in some great photos that were truly “us.”  Here are some of our favorite shots, taken just down the road from our house at Malibu Creek State Park! Talk about #local 🙂

BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5011 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5070 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5231 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5324 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5252 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5099 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5308 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5352 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5375 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5488 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5534 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5497 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5523 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5557 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5566 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5630 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5752 BrookeBoroughphotography_NicoleandBrettMaternity-5734[dress is from Soto Boutique in Westlake Village, and was a birthday gift from Hayley and Tanisha!]

This little Schussel Sprout is due August 10th, and we are eagerly anticipating his arrival!  Can’t wait to show off his newborn photos when he arrives 🙂  Hope you enjoyed these!

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xx, Nicole {LL805}

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  1. Kristen
    4 years ago

    In love with these!

  2. Brooke Borough
    4 years ago

    Oh my gosh I could cry reading these kind words! You two are going to be incredible parents and I’m so humbled you asked me to photograph this milestone in your life! Can’t wait to meet the little man. Xoxo


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