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How I Broke My Hand and Had a Blast {no joke}

Happy Work-It Wednesday!  Thank goodness I am no longer in a cast (phew!). Here’s a throwback post from a few months ago, but worth mentioning again because CORBA is hosting another FREE “Intro to Mountain Biking Skills” class this Saturday, August 1 from 9am-1pm in Malibu Creek State Park!  For more information, like where to meet, head to their event page.  Fasten those helmets (and maybe some wrist guards) and hop on that bike!

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We are so lucky to live in a beautiful area with a TON of open space for outdoor activities — namely, mountain biking [side note: did you know that mountain biking on trails is illegal in the city of Los Angeles?!].  My sister, brother-in-law, and little brother are all pretty stellar mountain bikers, and I try to keep up with them as best as I can (key word: TRY).

LocalLove805 - Mountain Biking

LocalLove805 - Mountain Biking in Agoura HillsI decided to try an organized mountain bike ride in Cheseboro Canyon, hosted by CORBA (Concerned Off Road Biking Association), which I found out about on  My husband, brother-in-law (different than the one mentioned above) and I met with a group of friendly riders, led by the fearless leader Kevin.  Everyone was so welcoming, and all had a fun, gung-ho attitude.

We started off on a fun trail, with tons of little mini-obstacles and fun twists and turns in the road.  Cheseboro Canyon, especially at this time of year, has a ton of shade and is SO green and gorgeous, which just added to the enjoyment. Not too far into the ride (probably about 5 minutes, if that), my right brake and gears started sticking [note: this is where I insert my PSA about keeping your bike tuned up before attempting to take it out!  Safety first!].

Well, ladies and gents, this was enough for me to take my eyes off the trail as we were going downhill — and, before I knew it, I was in the middle of an un-choreographed front flip over the handlebars, that felt like an unnerving mix of a swan dive in slow-mo, and ending with a not-so-graceful landing on my face.

10 points for creativity, right?

Determined to not be ‘that girl’ that fell off her bike (miiiight be considering putting training wheels back on in the near future), I said “I’m fine!” about 14 times, got back on my bike ignoring the blood dripping from my hands and knees, and continued the ride — Without working gears on my right side, mind you, which was SUPER (read: Jell-o legs).

A little more than 10 miles later, I had just taken one of the most fun, challenging bike rides of my amateur mountain biking career.  I completely forgot about my embarrassing succumbence to gravity, and seriously had the time of my life.  It totally helped that the whole group has a “one for all, all for one” mentality, stopping ever so often to make sure the whole group was together.

LocalLove805 - CORBA mountain bikingAlong the trails, Kevin would give us a heads-up about upcoming obstacles on the trail.  This allowed everyone to ride at their own level, and try fun challenges at your own leisure. Everyone was super supportive and the peer pressure factor was virtually absent.

Every so often, someone would shout a sincere and encouraging compliment to another member of the group, which was especially comforting as I started to feel some pain in my left (and gear-shifting) hand.  It was truly hard to pay much attention to my pain because this ride was seriously SO. MUCH. FUN.  

LocalLove805 - CORBA mountain bikingMinus my accident, this is truly the perfect ride for anyone with a few mountain biking skills (if you don’t have these, you should check out their Basic Skills Clinic!) — and some guts, of course. If you’re looking to hone your biking abilities in a fun, non-competitive environment, I def recommend it.  Kevin knows all there is to know about trail etiquette and makes sure to pass along his knowledge with everyone — which makes things much easier 🙂 I mean, look how much fun we’re having!

LocalLove805 CORBA mountain biking in Agoura Hills

(note to self: purchase cool mountain biking gloves…)

I’m pretty sad to say that I’ve been banned from mountain biking for the next 6-8 weeks, thanks to a sweet purple cast on to my arm — but I am counting down the days until I can go on another one of these awesome rides.

And please don’t let my little mishap deter you from trying out one of these rides — you will be challenged, you will get an amazing workout, and you’ll smile so much that your teeth will be covered in dust — and, warning: you WILL get addicted. Seriously. And it’s a not-so-bad thing to be addicted to. Am I right??

cb9So, are you interested in trying out one of these great rides?  Check out CORBA’s website for upcoming rides, which are held all over the 805 and even into Pasadena. [I personally cannot wait to join their Girlz Gone Riding mountain bike group for some la-la-la-laaadies only rides!].

Let us know if you try it out! We want to hear from you all, so share your photos on Instagram and tag @LocalLove805 and/or share in our comments below!

And, as my brother always says, “If you’re not living life on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.” So get out there, already!

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Nicole {LL805}

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