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How to Make [+ Achieve!] Goals in the New Year {2017}

When the New Year comes around, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about everything that happened during the past 365 days. With the retrospective look, however, comes the reminder to look forward — making goals is one major way to ensure you’re getting to where you want to be.

As my wise dad says, “Aim at nothing, and you will surely hit it.”

Another fave is from an equally wise man, Albert Einstein: “Life is like riding a bicycle; to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

So, whether you’re all, “2016 was the best. year. EVER.” or you’re like, “Let’s never speak of 2016 again,” there’s at least some motivation to make 2017 better than the last. Which means two things: a) make some goals, and b) just keep swimming.

{You might have seen our Insta post yesterday, mentioning Cultivate What Matters POWERSHEETS. This is our first year trying them out, but we love them already! }

Now, I’m not going to launch into the whole “how to make an attainable and measurable goal” spiel, because that’s bringing back some bad grad school flashbacks, and well, I just don’t wanna go there.  I will, however, give you my goal categories, which always help me focus my priorities and keep me balanced.

Financial :: I don’t care if you’re rollin’, or just barely scrapin’ — anyone can learn how to budget and save a little bit of money.  Reducing financial stressors in life is a sure-fire way to keep 2017 running smoothly, and also sets the stage for all of your other goals.

Health/Fitness :: We pretty much give you a reminder of this every week (helloooo, #workitwednesday!).  This is the year of NO EXCUSES.  Click {here} to see an archive of our posts to give you some motivation and strategies on how to stay active!  Make a plan, get a workout partner, and stick to it!

Educational :: Yeah, you’ve probably been out of school for a while now, but being an educated person doesn’t mean you have to go back and pay obscene tuition fees — been there, done that… and still paying the loans for it.

Get a library card at your local library and you will have an entire WORLD opened up to you {plus, free music downloads and other sweet perks!}.  Find something that interests you — like a historical figure you admire, an event you want to learn more about, or even a topic in an interesting field — and, get ready for it… check out a book.  Remember, like what you used to do in elementary school?  You KNOW you loved library days.

Not a big “reader?” There’s a podcast for that.

Career :: Looking to switch jobs?  Get a promotion?  Venture out on your own? Gain a new skill?  Land that account?  Win an award?  If you make a goal about it, you’re more likely to achieve it — it’s science.  Be a goal-oriented person, and start climbing that ladder!  Believe me — your colleagues (and hopefully, your boss) will begin to take notice.

LocalLove805 Blog

Spiritual :: Maybe this isn’t your thing (or, maybe it should be??), but getting connected with your faith is a big way to do some serious soul-searching.  What’s holding you back?  One of my goals is to get more involved with my church, and to do some more serving in the community.

Fun + Travel :: Loosen up a little, and keep room in your life for the things that bring you joy and happiness!  We are always bringing you fun, new things to do in the greater 805 area, so clear some time in your sched and make it happen!

Planning little things throughout the year is one way to keep you looking forward to the next fun moment — which is often pretty necessary to keep you going through the mundane aspects of life.

My biggest piece of advice for sticking to your goals: find an accountability partnerespecially one that has similar goals as you.  It’s kinda hard to back out of doing something when you feel like you’re letting someone else down.  Remember: team work makes the dream work!

One of our goals this year is to open the conversation with our readers, and to make this blog about you guys.  Tell us — what do you want to see on LL805 this year?  Want more of something?  Less of something?  We welcome any and all feedback!LocalLove805 Team

Wishing you a productive, adventurous, and healthy new year — bring it, 2017!

xx, Nicole, Tanisha, and Hayley {LL805}

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