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After a few months of searching around, we are proud to announce a new resident of our home.

Welcome to the family, Cali!

Cali joins our little family as dog #2, little sister to our 7-year-old mini Australian Shepherd, Kiva.  While my mom would have much preferred a grandchild, she got another granddog, instead 🙂 Isn’t she so freaking cute?!


We found her on, which is a wonderful resource that consolidates animals up for adoption in your area, given certain criteria that you can pick.  Dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits, reptiles… you name it! Personally, I wanted a horse — but given zoning restrictions, the dog was an obvious second choice 😉

Rescuing an animal is such a rewarding experience — and, besides the warm-fuzzy feelings you get from knowing you saved an animal from a deathly fate, you now get to live with an adorable animal that will love you forever and always.  Win-win? I think YES.

This was my first personal experience adopting a pet from a rescue, so I recruited a veteran and advocate of pet rescuing (and cousin of our own Hayley and Tanisha), Jonna DeWyze.


She and her husband Lee DeWyze (of American Idol fame) have been visiting animal shelters all over Southern California, and Jonna is here to share some great pointers and heart-warming stories that will inform you of the wonderful resources in the greater area for pet adoptions.  I’ll let her take over from here:


Lee and I were pulling dogs from shelters, ones that had been scheduled for euthanasia that same day.   A man came in and dumped his one year old Rottweiler. Beautiful dog. Sweet. Amazing.  He selfishly said he didn’t care about the dog and no longer wanted her. With our car completely filled to the brim with dog cages, we didn’t have room for her.  I promised myself that I would continue to check on her through out the week.
[side note: dogs who are dumped at shelters, become immediately available and have less than a week before put down because of overcrowding. It is a terrible issue in southern California and amazing dogs, even puppies are being put to sleep.]
I checked on the Rottweiler and she was running out of time.  I called eighteen animal rescues in Los Angeles and Ventura County. No one would take her. Due to overcrowding, no funds, no time… simply no one wanted to take a chance on her.
Well, I got a phone call from a man named Yehuda, who has an organization called Wings of Rescue.  He is the founder, and also one of the pilots who dedicates his time to flying dogs from shelters all over Southern California, to safety in places like Idaho and Colorado where they have room and demand for amazing dogs.  Here is a description of their mission statement:
Wings of Rescue is an organization run by volunteers and volunteer pilots who donate their time and planes to flying dogs and cats to safety to humane societies that are not overpopulated and have a demand for animals to be adopted. In southern California, there is a serious overpopulation problem in our shelters. Dogs are sometimes only held in shelters for five days before being put to sleep. With Wings of Rescue, dogs are sometimes hours away from euthanasia and these wonderful volunteers take them from their cages and fly them to forever homes. They do not discriminate against breeds and go above and beyond to load as many animals onto these flights as possible. Flights usually take about 3-4 hours and the dogs are being unloaded and taken to humane societies without the fear of ever having to be put down again. Sometimes people are even waiting as the plane lands to adopt these pets. Wings of Rescue literally flies our furry friends to freedom.
He told me that he would take the Rottweiler [whose name is Muñeca (doll)]!  I rushed to Lancaster Animal Shelter, saw her in the cage, pulled her out, and she literally hugged me.  It was amazing.  I took her to the vet, got all of her certified flying medical information, and took her to my home where she slept by my side.
The next morning, I took her to Long Beach Airport, where she was put on a plane and sent to Kootenai Humane Society in Idaho. She was adopted by a young amazing couple within two days.  Wings of Rescue is amazing — just AMAZING.  What they do for dogs is just beyond what any rescue is willing to do. Without them, and without the volunteer pilots who fly them to safety, dogs like Muñeca would not be alive today. 
dog3 dog4
My heart is so full knowing she has a warm bed and a wonderful family now.  Wings of Rescure is a “no dog left behind” type of organization — and, hot damn, those are my kind of people!

If you would like to check out some of our local animal rescues, giving a furry friend a family and a place to call home, check out these local animal rescues:

LIFE Animal Rescue [Agoura Hills]

S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue [Thousand Oaks]

Labs And Buddies [Westlake Village]

Canine Adoption and Rescue League [Ventura]


If you are lucky enough to already own a canine pal, don’t forget to check out some of our favorite dog-friendly spots in the 805: Dog-Friendly Trails, Parks, and Beaches; and Dog-Friendly Restaurants.


Do you have a sweet pet adoption story that you’d like to share?  Are you the proud owner of an adorable rescue?  Let us know!  Instagram and tag us with #LL805 and #localpets.  And give your animal an extra big hug today 🙂



Nicole {LL805}

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