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How To Throw The Perfect Pony Birthday Party {DIY}

Our sister-in-law is a pro at throwing parties. We’ve shared a few here and here. Well, just recently it was our niece Jewell’s 3rd birthday, and she is in love with horses (or for-sees as she calls them ;-)). So of course, Mandy threw the cutest pony themed birthday party.

Here are some of the highlights ::

Pony Party - LocalLove805 - DIY party

All the guests (children) got to “adopt a pony” upon arrival. There were also cute name tags matching the decor and invitations which were hung up behind the ponies. {The kids loved these! They were all running around riding their ponies and the parents loved them too as it kept the kids busy :)}

Pony part favors - DIY - LocalLove805

Each guest also got a little pony reading book as a favor. They were so adorable!

Now onto the decor… Mandy ordered all the custom print outs (invitation, name tags, ribbons, banners, signs, etc.) from Etsy. If you have the time and design expertise, you could also make some of these yourself — but it might be worth the extra few bucks!

DIY Pony Birthday Party - decor- LocalLove805

Food — keep it simple. Mandy simply ordered pizza ahead of time and also had out plenty snacks and goodies, like apple sauce, pretzels, animal crackers, cuties and a beautiful fruit salad. Simple and great for kids!

diy fruit salad - birthday party - LocalLove805pizza and milk - kids birthday party - LocalLove805kids birthday party - diy- LocalLove805milk and cookies  - kids birthday party - LocalLove805

As for the drinks, Mandy had out a tub of milk boxes and juice boxes for the kids. Next to the kids’ tub was the adorable mini bar area which was also color coordinated with matching decor. Aren’t the flowers beautiful!? And how cute is the blue jug of “adult pony punch”? It was just as delicious as it sounds! {Psst there was also a tub of beers and wine for the adults}DIY Pony Party - Birthday Party - LocalLove805dads - diy pony birthday party - LocalLove805Next came the toys and entertainment for the kids. Nothing a slide playset, horseshoes and a ball pit can’t take care of!bouncy balls - kids birthday party - LocalLove805DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805kids birthday party - LocalLove805kids play set - kids birthday party - LocalLove805kids birthday party - LocalLove805Pony Party - kids birthday party - LocalLove805And of course, we can’t forget the real life ponies!

DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805

PS this was Reese’s first time seeing a pony! She was pretty skeptical 😉

And then the lovely birthday girl and her pony for the day, Smokey 🙂 Aren’t they so cute?!DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805Now onto dessert… of course, Mandy killed it again with an adorable mini cake topped with a pony, delicious cookies and the beyond adorable pony cake bites!

DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805pony cake bites - DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805As you can see, not only did the kids have a blast, but so did the adults;)

Mandy knows how to throw a successful party for all ages – and I’d say that’s quite the talent.

DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805DIY Kid's Pony Birthday Party - LocalLove805local love 805 ladiesHave you thrown any themed birthday parties for your kids? Let us know! We love to get new ideas! #spreadthelove #DIYbirthdays #LL805


Hayley {LL805}

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