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Pop-Up Fixer-Upper: Part 1

It’s no secret that these LL805 ladies loooove camping — what, you haven’t seen all of our Instagram posts?! πŸ˜‰

Both my husband and I grew up camping with our families all of our lives [he in a pop-up tent trailer, me in a camper on the back of my dad’s truck]. Β We have such hilariousΒ ridiculous fond memories of sitting with our marshmallow-clad roasters extended over a roaring fire, eating hot dogs, and getting into various types of mischief in the middle of nowhere.

Regardless of where we set up camp, one thing was for sure — nothing makes a strong family bond like having to cram into a small space while living in the great outdoors.

Brett and I have loved tent camping, but we knew that we were going to need something “up and out of the dirt” when we started having little ones. Β Sure enough, as soon as we had Graham, the hubs got serious about it and started scouring CraigsList and the classifieds for a pop-up tent trailer. Β He sent me a few every day, which TBH I always just glossed over… until one day, THE ONE popped up in my inbox.

We took the next day off work so we could go down to look at it. Β The guy had five more appointments lined up that day (it was a Tuesday andΒ he hadΒ just posted it the day before!) but luckily we were the first ones on the scene… because we definitely came home with that bad boy and never looked back!

Introducing… our 2006 Jayco 806, a.k.a. Pop-Up Schuss!

Look how proud we were… awww πŸ˜‰

She is little, but she is fierce. Β We were limited by the size + weight because of our current car situation, but also wanted to make sure we could sleep a family in this thing. Β It has everything we need — a sink, a stove, a table, a grill, a furnace, room to sleep six, and a chem toilet [that we can leave at home when we don’t need it]. Β It is the perfect starter trailer for our growing family.

Then, I went down the Pinterest rabbit hole… and found, which is FILLED with pop-up trailer remodels + modifications! Β I. Was. Hooked.

So far, we’ve done simple things, like paint the cabinets/interior white, and add a mattress topper + sheets + duvet to the beds. We are looking forward to changing the upholstery on the cushions, but haven’t settled on a fabric just yet.

When we were struggling with organization, Brett made this great shelving system that goes up in a snap, and helps us keep items off of our precious little counter space.

We also used an old map + some furniture-grade ModPodge to upgrade our kitchen table!

Thanks to this little helper, it turned out great!

So far, we’ve been on 6 different camping trips, to locations across the 805 such as Carpinteria, El Capitan, Ocean Mesa, Lake Nacimiento, and Malibu Creek State Park, in both the pouring rain and the scorching heat [yeah, like 112˚F kinda heat… remember, we do NOT have air conditioning in this thing!] — not too shabby for our first year, but next year we are hoping to go bigger.Β  In July, we are camping all the way up and back to Sunriver, Oregon for the Schussel Family Reunion… with a toddler + newborn in tow.Β  HALP US.

Hayley also recently bought a trailer, and she and Luke have lots of amazing plans to fix it up, too!Β  All three of us LL805 ladies have gotten to camp together, and we know there areΒ plenty more trips in our future πŸ™‚

Have you recently reno’d a trailer?Β  Send us your ideas, favorite campsites, and any tips/tricks for camping!Β  We love seeing people #getoutside in the 805!

xx, Nicole {LL805}


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