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A Budget-Friendly Romantic Date Night in Malibu Canyon {it does exist}

I know, I know — Saddle Peak Lodge is hardly aligning with our mission statement of “ballin’ on a budget” …or is it, actually?


This is a place that I’ve always wanted to go [once my “money tree” started bearing fruit].  But, good news, guys — they’ve got HAPPY HOUR and a Supper Special!

Last year, Brett + I decided to have a late Valentine’s Day celebration.  We made resos on Open Table for 5pm, so we could make sure not to miss the sunset.  We both ordered from the Supper Menu, which is available on Mondays + Tuesdays for $35/person!  This is a massive discount, compared to their regular menu prices — which are fit for the 1{fd7f0a6624fbd2224f3c60e3404acbd2207eb416c38268e7e97265ebe361b912}.


Since we got there a smidge early (can we say, too excited?!), we sat at the bar and chatted it up with the friendly bartender, Mike.  We ordered 2 glasses of wine ($5 each, which is such a deal compared to their typical glasses starting at $12!) and hung out for a bit.

Mike started telling us about the amazing happy hour deals, like $3 Sam Adams beers, and Old Fashions for $7.50!  They also offer small bites at happy hour prices.  Happy hour runs Monday through Friday, 5-6pm — it’s a small window, but a big discount!  In fact, Saddle Peak Lodge was just featured on Eater’s Best Happy Hours in Los Angeles list!

IMG_9014As for the ambiance, we got so much more than we bargained for!

I mean, for starters: did you know that the place is haunted??  Now, I’m not sure I believe in all that mumbo-jumbo, but I wasn’t about to admit that openly while seated in a haunted restaurant.  Right after we sat down, our waitress brought us some reading material about the different “presence” sightings, as well as information about the history of the lodge.

It’s crazy to think that, over it’s more than 100 year history, this place served as a Pony Express stop, a general store, hunting lodge, and even a brothel.  Not to mention, Saddle Peak Lodge had more than a few cameos in some of Hollywood’s old west films.  The mounted stag heads, antler door handles, and wooden sailboat models add to the charm of all three dining levels, and even the alfresco patio is a dream in all of its twinkle-lighted glory.



Alright, now to the big show: FOOD.

First off, that. delicious. buttery. roll.  I knew the bread guy’s name by the end of the night (yes, there’s a ‘bread guy’ and his name was Victor.  toldyaso.).

We started by ordering our courses, and since Brett and I are middle children (read: indecisive), we got two options from each course, and split everything we ordered.

Course 1: Amuse bouche :: Vichyssoise soup (chilled potato leek soup) — they even gave us the recipe!

Course 2: Appetizer :: Tomato Soup & Endive Salad with Blue Cheese + Apples

Course 3: Entree :: Buttermilk Friend Chicken & Steak Medallions {both were served with carrots, sauteed greens, and creamy pureed mashed potatoes — umm, SO delicious}

Course 4: Dessert :: Trio of biscotti, cookie, and brownie

 Since we were having a fancyshmancy evening, we ordered a glass of port to share.  All in all, the food and atmosphere created the ideal environment for a special date, with a little dose of history+mystery tossed in to keep things exciting!



Who says dates have to be on a Friday or Saturday? Mix things up with your significant other, and take them out on a weeknight!

Make a reso, or pop in for happy hour — this place is a must-see!


#spreadthelove #haunteddining #mondayisthenewsaturday

xx, Nicole {LL805}

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  1. Mary Kay
    4 years ago

    So glad to know that Saddle Peak isn’t just for a decade anniversary celebrations anymore. Here’s to Mondays and Tuesdays . . . . . definitely going to do this.

    1. Hayley
      4 years ago

      Right!? Such a great deal! And Monday/Tuesday date nights are pretty nice 🙂


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