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Santa Rosa Valley Trails & Spook Canyon: Camarillo {Local Trails}

We are excited to share another local trail that we love in our hometown, Santa Rosa Valley. This trail is great for horseback riding, a walk or run and mountain biking!

Santa Rosa Valley is a beautiful area that prides itself on being an equestrian, rural community. In fact, when we were on this Bridlewood trail recently, we began at the Rancho Santa Rosa Clubhouse and Arena off Las Posas Road and found that there was a community horse show going on in the arena with a crowd cheering from the bleachers. The Las Posas HOA was also having an adorable picnic at the Clubhouse — which made me kinda want to join the HOA! 😉 To note: the area by the Clubhouse is HOA only, but the trails are open to the public. So just be considerate!

Las Posas HOA

Rancho Santa Rosa Clubhouse

Rancho Santa Rosa ArenaOkay, back to the trail… recently we decided to go for a leisure walk with our dogs — so my mom, sister and I parked by Rancho Santa Rosa on Las Poses Road and began our journey on the trail.

I’ve also ran the loop around this trail, commonly known as Spook Canyon, which makes for a great run. Lots of scenery, shade and a few inclines which really get that body workin’! There’s also a creek behind the Rancho Santa Rosa arena along the trail and you will see some vineyards back in the hills as you’re running along the trail.

Santa Rosa Valley trails- LL805 approved

This Santa Rosa trail is in the northern trail system of Santa Rosa Valley. You can actually take this trail all over the valley (find out more on Santa Rosa Valley Trails here). From East Las Posas, across from the Clubhouse, you can take the Arroyo Trail which will take you underneath Santa Rosa Road and lead you to Hill Canyon — one of our favorite local trails and parks (you can check out the post here)! And from Hill Canyon, you can continue into Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks.Santa Rosa Valley trails- LL805 approved

Santa Rosa Valley Trails - Bridlewood, Rancho Santa Rosa, Spook Canyon -- LL805 approvedSanta Rosa Valley Trails - Bridlewood, Rancho Santa Rosa, Spook Canyon -- LL805 approved

After our walk, we made a healthy BBQ dinner – steak, salad, home-made sweet potato fries and prosciutto wrapped asparagus (if you haven’t tried making this yet, you must!). We had also recently bought our dad a membership to the Tasting Room for Father’s Day, which sends you mini tasting bottles of wine (shown in the box) along with instructions on how to properly taste wine. Once you taste them all, you go online to enter your favorites and it creates your own wine profile! It’s pretty neat and we all had fun picking out our favorites!

Tasting Room, Lot 18

BBQ dinner!

What’s your favorite local trail and post-workout meal? Please let us know by tagging @locallove805 and #localfitness #localtrails #workitwednesday #spreadthelove


Hayley {LL805}

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Posted on February 18, 2015

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