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Secret Agent Man Theme Party {DIY events}

My grandfather, whom I refer to as “Papa,” was sort of a big deal in his heyday.  As a former FBI agent, spy, and all around bad-ass, he’s seen a lot of action in his lifetime.  And, since he’s also one of the kindest, most humble men you’ll ever meet, my family decided to throw him a surprise 80th birthday party.

…I know what you’re thinking — it’s probably not a good idea to “surprise” old people 😉 But, we knew he could handle it, so we set out on planning the ultimate Secret Agent themed party, as an homage to his past.

Here are a few of the details that helped complete the theme:

Custom Secret Mission invitations [designed and printed by LL805 hubby Mark Kipling Designs!]


“Truth Serum” water bottles


Fingerprinting of every guest

IMG_8587 IMAG1332

Suspect Line-up Photo Booth [background made by yours truly]

IMG_8579IMG_8731 IMG_8686 IMG_8698 IMG_8616

IMG_8790 IMG_8634

… it was a long-shot, but the old people loved it! 😉

Spiked “Loose Lips Lemonade” (recipe: pour citrus vodka into lemonade, add mint, sip caaaarefully… it goes down fast!)

IMG_8780 IMG_8781

“This is Nacho Crime Scene” [nacho bar: tortilla chips, white cheddar nacho cheese, traditional nacho cheese, refried beans, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos, grilled chicken]


Needless to say, my Papa was very surprised, and he partied like it was 1934 [or something like that].  We loved seeing all of his friends that came out to celebrate him (although, I was a little bummed to realize that he and my Grammy have waaaayyyy more friends than I do).

My favorite part was hearing my uncle and my mom tell stories about growing up with a real live spy for a dad, which was pretty legit.

Oh, and did I forget to introduce you to my grandparents?


As you can tell, apple didn’t fall far from the tree. OG doesn’t stand for “Old Grandparents,” after all.

Moral of the story: you’re never too old for a theme party.  Can I get an “amen?!”


#secretagentman #reallifeJackBauer #ifItoldyouIdhavetokillyou

xx, Nicole {LL805}


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