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Fakesgiving: Your New Favorite Holiday

Friendsgiving… Fakesgiving… whatever you decide to call it, we are now approaching our 8th Annual Fakesgiving Celebration!  I know, right??

We’ve come a looong way since October 2010, the inaugural Fakesgiving celebration at my parents’ house with about 10 of us in attendance.

Now, we’ve hit around 75 adults + 15 kiddos, and host it in our own backyard!  It has definitely morphed into something bigger and better than we’ve ever dreamed, and we absolutely love this tradition every year (even though we now need to …

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Fakesgiving 2015: Recap {Part 4}

Things I learned this Fakesgiving:

I can fit 80 people (and 10 children under the age of 4!) in my backyard, Three turkeys are juuuuust barely enough to feed a small army, Egg nog + Kahlua is a very tasty and satisfying treat to wind down at the end of a successful party, and Fakesgiving has become bigger than I ever even imagined.

I’m still processing everything from last Saturday’s 6th Annual Fakesgiving festivities, but if I were to sum it up in one word, it would be: AWESOME.  Here’s a photo recap of how it all went down.

**But first, I need to give a special LL805 …

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FakesGiving {Part 2}: Food

Ready for Part Deux of the FakesGiving planning process?! [no idea what I’m talking about?  Click HERE]

Alright, now that you’ve got the invitations sent (or, almost?!), it’s time to figure out the main event, and frankly, my favorite part of any party: FOOD.


First off, as the host(ess), it’s customary to provide the main course, which in the traditional sense of FakesGiving is a big, roasted turkey (or two, depending on how many people are …

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FakesGiving: A How-To Guide {Part 1}

You guys.  I can’t wait to share this post series with you.

The 8th Annual FakesGiving is almost HERE!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking… isn’t it called “FriendsGiving?”  The answer is no. No it’s not.

That’s because I legitimately feel like I made up this event over 7 years ago (call me crazy!) — yeah, I know it’s kind of a ‘thing’ now, and to be honest, it should be.  FakesGiving is my favorite pseudo-holiday in the whole entire universe!  Call it what you will, but the definition remains the same: gather your crew, tell everyone to bring a Thanksgiving dish, and have a huge dinner …

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