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Fun Holiday Gift + Craft Ideas {DIY}

Trying to pull together some last-minute decor or gifts for the holiday season??

{Of course, this has never happened to us… we’ve never, ever waited until the final moment to get working on something we had been putting off since Thanksgiving… 😉  …amiright?!}

Here are some holiday crafts you can throw together with most of the items being from the dollar store, and whatever else you might have lying around your house.  Ok, you miiiight have to take a quick trip to a local craft store, but you can totally squeeze it into your busy schedule.

Christmas Cookie Plate


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Labor & Delivery Nurse’s Baskets {DIY Gifts}

On August 8, I gave birth to the most precious little guy, Graham Hunter — look how cute he is!


I had one week of maternity leave before he arrived, and not gonna lie — I was BORED.  I know I will be eating my words soon, as life with a newborn is anything but boring, but I took advantage of this down time to make a gift for the nurses that I knew would be taking care of me (and Graham) very soon.

My husband is …

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Sign the Wine Guestbook & Gift {DIY}

A couple of years ago, I had the wonderful pleasure of being a bridesmaid to my BFF [and fellow LL805 blogger], Hayley.  There are so many fun details when it comes to planning weddings — some of which, include the parties and celebrations surrounding the big event.

At Hayley’s engagement party, I wanted something for the couple to have that would commemorate this celebration.  Also, I wanted it paired with a fun activity for the guests to do, while milling around the party.

Thus was born: Sign the Wine.


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Mulling Spice Bags {DIY Holiday Gift}

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a total sucker for a warm beverage during a crisp fall day.

jinkys coffeejinkys coffee

…especially with a little splash of an adult libation, ifyaknowwhatimsayin. [only on weekends, of course..! 😉 ]

Two of my favorites are Mulled Wine and Spiked Cider.  And both involve a little something called a mulling spice bag.  The good news: you can make these by the dozen, and hand them out as party favors or co-worker gifts.  The even better news is that you can keep them …

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