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A New York Holiday {Exploring the Big City}

I just got back from New York a couple weeks ago and was asked about some of my favorite things to do, see, eat in the big city. I was there on business, but was fortunate enough to have my mom and sister join me to stay through the weekend! Here are some highlights from my holiday visits to New York!

First, walking around the various neighborhoods like Soho, Chelsea, Greenwich (my favorite:)…new york holiday vacation - locallove805 - Greenwichnew york holiday vacation - locallove805 - sohonew …
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5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Exercise into your Vacay {DIY Fitness}

I love to be active and explore while on vacation, as I think most people do — unless you’re more the lounging, reading a book type, which is also fine (I guess;). Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about laying poolside and enjoying a few Pina Coladas (which the waiter so kindly brought over to me) … BUT, that kind of vacay only happens every so often, and after a day or two of lounging, I’m usually ready for some activity anyway.

I was recently camping at Refugio Beach (one of our family’s fave local campgrounds) and realized how many simply ways there are to incorporate exercise and/or …

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Wanderlust Work-It-Wednesday {no excuses}

If I were to put a figure to it, I would say approximately 60-70{fd7f0a6624fbd2224f3c60e3404acbd2207eb416c38268e7e97265ebe361b912} of my vacation planning involves thinking about what kind of food I’m going to eat.  No, seriously.  When we went to N’Awlins last April, I literally had a checklist. #notkidding

It is so fun to splurge on vacation — but, you can still balance fitness on the road, too!  In fact, this is one of our most favorite travel tips to make you feel like a ‘local’: work it out.

Seriously!  Going on a run allows you to see neighborhoods and landmarks you might not have seen otherwise.  Ducking into a cycling …

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An Unexpected Local Getaway {Mandalay Bay}

You may or may not be counting down the days, but we’ve got a 3-day weekend coming up!  Needing a break, but not wanting to get too far out of town?  There is a surprising local getaway that doesn’t get nearly enough notice — Mandalay Bay.

…no, I’m not talking about the Mandalay Bay of Las Vegas fame.  And I know what else you’re thinking: Oxnard?? Really??

I was a doubter myself, until Brett and I checked in at The Mandalay Bay Embassy Suites for a quick weekend away.


Talk …

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