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Wet Bar >> Wine Bar {DIY}

Wet bars are an iconic 80’s staple in many older homes, and our house was no exception.


When I first saw it, I had immediate plans to rip it out — but Brett had another idea.  Thus began: Operation Wine Bar Revamp.

Here’s what we came up with:


Only a few, inexpensive updates took this area from ‘dated’ to ‘darling.’  Here were some simple, budget-friendly updates that we made:

1. We started by changing the yellowish-white wall paint to off-set the bar and spruce up the feel of the room

2. The wood finish on the cabinets wasn’t quite what we wanted, so we sanded down the fronts and slapped on two coats of white washed paint, until we got the color we wanted.  We were just winging it, so we mixed up a diluted concoction of 1 part water to 2 parts Swiss Coffee (Behr) paint [make sure you initially make enough of the paint mix to finish the project, or else you might end up with different colored parts of your cabinet!]

3. I love the look of dark hardware, so Brett took the hinges off of the doors, spray painted them an oil-rubbed bronze, and put them back on.  Gives it a somewhat-farmhouse vibe, dontcha think?

4. My little brother is a baller, and fashioned a gorgeous wine rack for us — out of a reclaimed pallet!  Check Pinterest for a plethora of plans, and you can make one, too!

5. Accessorize with a fun mirror, some pieces that reflect your home decor, and most importantly, fill the rack and cabinets with glasses, wine, and booze 😉

P.S. — no, we didn’t change the counter tops — isn’t it crazy how surrounding wall and cabinet colors can change the look of even a laminate counter top?  Eventually, we will want to upgrade to something nicer, but this did the job for now!

All-in-all, this project was ridiculously cheap.  We were already painting the wall that grey color, and we used leftover Swiss Coffee paint for the whitewash.  The oil-rubbed bronze spray paint remained from a previous project, but is only $5 at most home improvement or craft stores.  The pallet for the wine rack was found in an alley, and the mirror was on sale for $11 at Target. Accessories were ‘shopped’ from bookshelves and tables around our house, and were originally purchased at various garage sales!


Home improvement is within reach, people — you just have to get a little creative! 😉

Enjoy, pop open a bottle, and dream about your next home project!  #spreadthelove

xx, Nicole {LL805}

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