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What I’ve learned as a new mom {Part 1}

I had heard time and time again that being a mom was “the hardest job ever” or that I better “enjoy every moment because it goes by so fast.”  I would just nod my head and make some sort of generic comment, but I’ve come to realize that they weren’t lying!

Being a mom to Reese is the hardest job I have ever had (and I have worked in a super busy, high stress, critical care unit as a nurse) and that it goes by so freakin’ fast (how on earth do I already have a one year old!?!?).  So here is a little bit of what I have learned since that little red head lady came into my life and made me a mom.

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1. It takes a village.  I mean, it really does.  Thank goodness I have family so close that have helped me this past year with Reese. — and not only family, but friends and other moms too.  It is so important to have a good support system because they will help you when you need it most.  I now know how helpful it can be to have someone bring you dinner, because those first few weeks you can’t even think about grocery shopping, let alone cooking.  P.S.,  thank you to everyone who watched Reese so that Mark and I could actually get out of the house and have a date night!

2. Keep dating your spouse/significant other. Man, this is a tough one, because many a time I would so much rather have been sleeping!  But, it is crucial to schedule alone time with your spouse.  It was so refreshing to actually get out of my yoga pants (ok and take a shower), put on some makeup and step out of the house with Mark.  And then eating a hot meal in peace!? Heaven! It’s a great time to reconnect and remember why you married that person in the first place.  You’ll need those times to remember later when your husband is once again sleeping through your baby crying in the middle of the night 😉

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3. Enjoy every.single.moment. While you are in the trenches of 2 hours of sleep, covered in spit up, and sporting the same yoga pants and top knot for the fifth day in a row, you may not think you want to enjoy that moment, but you should.  Because before you know it, they are grown and won’t want to cuddle as much (thank goodness Reese isn’t out of this stage yet!) and they won’t need you for everything anymore.   I know there are times that certainly aren’t enjoyable and the newborn stage definitely was not my favorite, but it really does go by too quickly.

4. Take lots of pictures and videos. Thank goodness for iPhones. I have a nice camera, but do I ever remember to have it out and ready? No. Luckily my iPhone is pretty much always on hand and I quickly needed to upgrade my storage because I take way too many pictures and videos of Reese.  And you too will become one of those annoying parents showing anyone within a 5 mile radius random videos of your baby that only you will enjoy.  Oh, and you will definitely be guilty of looking at pictures/videos of them as soon as they fall asleep because you oddly miss them already {even though you were waiting all day for bedtime}.

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5. Coffee & Wine.  When I was still pregnant with Reese I noticed that moms on instagram seemed to have this obsession with coffee and wine.  It didn’t really make sense to me until I had Reese and I realized after sleepless nights I needed all the coffee I could get in the morning (within reason because I was breastfeeding) and many times after a particularly long day as a new mom, I needed a big ol’ glass of red wine.  Maybe it’s also because your kids can’t drink your coffee or wine so you finally have something you can’t share 😉

6. Baby groups.  Baby groups or toddler classes have been a great way for me to get out of the house, meet other moms and their babies, and for Reese to play and learn from other babies her age.  I know a lot of moms who keep in touch with people from their birthing class at the hospital, or newborn baby group, or even M.O.P.S.  I even have a lot of friends from my old job that had kids around the same time, so we have a little Facebook group to ask questions and schedule meetups every so often.  There are so many options, and I definitely recommend getting involved in one.


I hope these points helped you as much as they have helped me — stay tuned for Part Two coming next week, as well!

What are things that you have found beneficial in your role as a mom? I know I can take all of the help I can get, and I’m sure others would like to know too! And don’t forget, you’re a great mom and you’re doing an awesome job!


Tanisha at LL805


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  1. Ashten
    4 years ago

    this is brilliant Tanisha


    1. Tanisha
      4 years ago

      Aww thanks Ashten! You’re too sweet!

  2. erin (everything with love)
    4 years ago

    coffee and wine. yes, there is a greater understanding once that baby is here haha. my instagram account will attest to that. great post!

    1. Tanisha
      4 years ago

      Thank you Erin!


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