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How To: Work it Out in the Snow

In honor of the winter-y, El Niño weather, we present to you a Winter Work-It Wednesday! #ilovealliteration

Tanisha and Hayley just got back from a family vacation to Big Sky, Montana, and Nicole spent this past weekend visiting the in-laws in Lake Tahoe! Guys, in case you didn’t know, snowboarding/skiing are a great workout.  But, there are more ways than that to get some exercise when you’re up in some snowy weather!  We thought it’d be fun to share how to make the most (physically) out of your days in the snow. Hey, even though you’re on vacation + having fun, it doesn’t mean you can’t work out, riiiight?? 😉

Follow these tips to embrace the work out, burn some extra calories, improve your skills and, of course, have fun (duh!)

1. Stretch in the morning :: Hayley and Tanisha ran up & down the stairs in the cabin a few times to warm up, and then the entire family did a yoga video each morning to stretch & warm up — even Jewell joined!  Nicole loved trying a new yoga class at a local Tahoe studio, too!

Morning Yoga before skiing Big Sky-LocalLove805Stretch it out - Big Sky-LocalLove805

2. Eat a healthy breakfast ::  Each morning typically includes eggs, sausage/bacon, fruit and/or yogurt.  We all especially loooove breakfast burritos!

Westlake Village Breakfast sandwich

3. Pack snacks :: Since you’re burning so many calories on the mountain and throughout the day, you’re going to want a snack or two in your jacket pocket.  We like to bring granola bars, nuts and even a little chocolate (Rolos are our favorite chair lift treat!).

4. Hydrate!! :: Make sure you drink a LOT of water before, after and during your snowy sweat sesh.

5. Do a warm up run :: If you’re hitting the mountain, do a quick warm up run before heading to the park or some steep trees — this is Hayley and Tanisha’s dad’s least favorite rule  — he loves to go straight for it, but sometimes you need to take it easy at first and let your body warm up.Big SKy Vacation - LocalLove805

6. Don’t limit yourself to skiing/snowboarding! :: This go ’round in Tahoe, Nicole and Brett went snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, to really pack in the exercise!  Plus, it’s cheaper than getting another lift ticket 😉


7. Track your stats like a normal workout :: We prefer the app Trace Snow (formerly known as Alpine Replay) — it’s great for skiing + riding, and tracks your speed, calories, jumps, runs and more. I burned 700+ calories each day and Luke burned over 1,000+!!  Unfortunately, Brett loves to see if he can break his record top speed of 72 m.p.h…! #donttrythisathome


8. Eat a good post-workout meal :: As much as you want to dig in on those chili nachos and beer, try to eat a healthy dinner with protein and veggies, so that you can refuel your body.

9. Get in the hot tub or sauna & stretch it out :: Warning: you will still be sore tomorrow. There’s no way around it.

10. Get some good rest! ::  and then do it all over again 🙂

Sunrise in Big Sky Montana - LocalLove805

If you don’t have the time or funds to fly to a ski resort, why not pack up the car for a weekend trip to a nearby mountain? Turns out, we have quite a few out here in Southern California!

Did we miss any of your tips or routines for making the most out of your day on the slopes? Please let us know!  And follow us on Instagram this weekend — Hayley and Nicole will be heading up to Mammoth for a weekend in the snow + on the slopes!

#workitwednesday #workitoutontheslopes #LL805


Your Team {LL805}

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