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Workout Motivation & Tips {DIY local fitness}

Guys, it’s that time of year to say goodbye lazy self, and hello to the healthy & improved new you. I mean, it’s on every magazine cover, news talk show, blog & website, commercial, grocery store — everywhere. We can’t escape it, so why not embrace it? And really, we should be that way year-round (but we’ll let a couple weeks here and there slide;).

Now, I am by no means a hard-core runner or Crossfit athlete. But, I would say pretty confidently that I am committed to exercising and have made working out part of my lifestyle. I try to workout at least a couple times a week, which includes running 1-3x/week, in order to stay healthy and build endurance.

local running - LL805Here are some tips that I’ve found helpful in staying motivated and making exercise somewhat easier and part of your lifestyle:

{Good Beats}

Music is key. I have found that having a good playlist for running, and just working out in general, can really boost my energy — especially Ms. Britney Spears. She’s my go-to (disclosure: I am a huge Brit Brit fan… and, p.s., she lives in the greater Conejo Valley!) and I also enjoy *NSYNC pandora station (talk about awesome throwbacks!). Here’s a fun mix on SoundCloud by our brother Lennie, aka DJ lenchilada.


Now this doesn’t mean you should eat loads of chips and guac before attempting to workout (and it also does not mean that I’ve never done that before — shhh), but eating a quick snack before a workout can make a world of difference. If I haven’t had enough protein throughout my day, I am lagging through the entire workout. You really need food for energy, so I recommend going with something light and healthy approximately 30 minutes before you workout. My favorite pre-workout boosts are a piece of toast with almond butter, trail mix/nuts, a banana, or cup of oatmeal.

{Switch it Up}

Switch up your workout routine — believe me, it helps. Going to the gym everyday can not only get boring, but can also make you lose motivation and results. Your body tends to acclimate when doing the same routine every day/week, which can lead to an ineffective workout. Switch up your routine by focusing on different muscle groups each workout, as well as different regimes: cardio, toning, strengthening, etc. Take a run on a local trail, try out a new class at a local fitness studio/gym {check out our posts on The Studio in Ventura, Cardio Barre TO, Studio Barre NP, SPN Pilates in Calabasas, and Barre 101 Agoura}, do a workout video at home, join an intramural league — the options are endless, really! Whenever we find deals for new local fitness classes and gyms, we jump on it. It’s so fun to try out new classes and find out what you really enjoy and what works for your body.

{No Excuses Routine}

I have found that working out in the morning is most effective for me, and on top of that, I added a calendar invite so everyday I get a reminder. Some people do better working out at lunch or after work — find out what’s best for you and try to schedule it as part of your day, even if it’s only 30 minutes. Any sort of exercise each day will make you feel much better!

{Buddy System}

Just like in grade school, it’s always easier with a buddy right? 🙂 But seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I have convinced myself not to workout and then had a friend ask me to join them for a great workout. Accountability at it’s finest! Plus, it’s more fun to run with your spouse or try out a new class with a friend.

Run Club Meet Ups{Post-Protein + Hydrate}

This is kind of an obvious one, but easily forgotten too — especially when you’re having a busy day and are rushing to get to that next thing on your to-do list.  Don’t forget to hydrate after your run and having a post protein snack, like a smoothie, is one of our favorites post workout meals. You can check out Nicole’s own smoothie recipe here, or try SunLife Organics delicious smoothies at The Lakes in TO!

SunLife Organics Smoothie

Most importantly– Don’t be too hard on yourself! Working out can and should be something you start to look forward to and even enjoy {I know it sounds a little crazy, but it really should!}.  Start small and work your way up.  Use these tips to stay motivated and soon your workout will become a normal part of your routine! Happy Work It Wednesday everyone!


Hayley {LL805}

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Posted on March 31, 2016

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  1. Kristy
    4 years ago

    Where is that park?! I would love to take the dogs there!

    1. Hayley
      4 years ago

      Hi Kristy! Those photos are from different parks, all over! We have a post on some of our favorite dog-friendly parks here though:

      And you can check out our Local Parks or Local Fitness channels and we’ve featured a ton of dog-friendly trails. Enjoy!! And please let us know where you end up going 🙂


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